Awaken your energy centers with daily yoga practices in this 28-day series with Brittany Lynne.
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
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30 Mins
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Awakening the Chakras is a 28-day yoga series with Brittany Lynne to connect with the energy centers of your body, mind and spirit. Through daily yoga practices, including power yoga, yin, meditation and breathwork, you will explore the seven main chakras and the energies associated with them. The daily practices are 30 minutes with a special 45-minute finale class to wrap up this beautiful energy-shifting month. This series was designed to take you on a journey of strength and ease to awaken the highest vibrations of energy within.

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Linda Pierce
Thank you so much for this program. I appreciate all you’ve done to truly bring us back to our roots. It’s a life changer for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I would love to see more programs like this. Namaste May the longtime sun shine upon us.
Krisztina Szakal
It's a beautiful program and I love the workbook, too.
Andi Hemann
Loved this!
Robby Beauchamp
I am enjoying this series. The workbook is outstanding. Thanks for all the work you put into this class/series.
Lorraine Jones
This series is the perfect antidote for relieving stresses and strains of everyday life. The beautiful sequencing each day to compliment a different chakra which is then followed by a meditation is chicken soup for the soul. Thank you Brittany.
thank you for day 5! It made such a difference at this stage in my life!
Shiri Band
I love it!
Amazing teacher!!...Thank you!!
This is an amazing program that Brittany created, i totally love it, her style is so fantastic. Thank you for this Brittany!!
Nadine Korpus
Perfect series to recover from LU 108 which wore out my body lots^^... Also I love Brittany´s voice and style , her meditations help me reconnect to my feelings and to accept imperfection <3
I just finished the whole series. Fantantic. Thank you Brittany. The workbook, as well, is very well organised, with very interesting information.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Brittany! I am so grateful that you put this series together. I just finished the series yesterday. I had moved away from my yoga practice and have also been going through a challenging time trying to find a new job, and this series was exactly what I needed to get my mental health back on track. I really appreciate the work you did and put into this series. You made it fun and enjoyable, and my physical, mental, and emotional strength are all so much stronger!
Loving it! Thank you, Inner Dimension Media for all of the new content. I love the talks paired with the Detox program and the chakra-focused meditations with this series. Keep more of 'em coming! Suggestion: please develop more programs/series for people 50/60+, so I can get my mom to get her practice on. And more 45 min programs/series. Plz. Namaste <3 from MI
Super series. Loved the chanting on day 5. You have angelic voice!
This program is my absolutely dream come true. Miss Brittany's cuteness affects me. She is like my next favourite teacher. Thank You InnerDimension, Justyna
Solo stamane riuscivo a vedere il video sui chakra Brittany cara, ancora non ho seguito nessuna delle tue classi ma le faro tutte siciramente, ho ancora taaante lezioni da fare, hai pronunciato il nome del Maestro Yogananda io sono stato a visitare l'ashram di Puri in India nel 2010, che viaggio........ Grazie. Adriano 🇮🇹 from Thailand
I finished day 2 and excited to move forward... this was just what I need after level up 108 program with my all readings together :) thank you Brittany...