Vital Recharge

Recharge your mind, body, and spirit with Vital Recharge, a 28-day Yin Yoga and Meditation series with Brittany Lynne.
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
No Props
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Vital Recharge
45 Mins
No Props
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Vital Recharge is a 28-day Yin Yoga and Meditation series with Brittany Lynne. Through daily practices created around the Qi energy meridians rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, you will explore the six main meridian pairs and the energies associated with them, along with two other vital meridian pairs for a whole-body recharge.

The daily practices rotate between yin and meditation classes plus there’s a special  acupressure self-massage class to tie together the beautiful Qi-flowing practices to help you relax, release and recharge your mind, body, energy and spirit.

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I love Yin Yoga and the acupressure and self massage practice it was fantastic... thank you so much you are a very good teacher....
Teresa Thompson
Dear Brittany. I love this series so much. It is the perfect gentle, grounding, and loving practice I need right now to end my day. I also love and appreciate the written material you've provided to compliment the practice. Very well done. Thank you.
Evi Papp
Dear Brittany, I have just started this series. The first practice has been such a lovely one. I always struggle to find time for yin practices, I know I need them, I feel so grateful fot these 45 min. I enjoyed to hear your voice, and feel your beautiful energy. Thank you so much!!!
I am enjoying this form of Yin yoga. It is very relaxing and very complementary to my four day intense weightlifting and cardio routines. I especially love the reflexology days. I've got 10 more days to go, but I am sure I will revisit this one.
Geraldine Loong
I am loving this series. The meditations are amazing. Thank you so much!
Delphine Lefebvre
This series is wonderful, I feel so well after each practice. Thank you Brittany!
Dear Brittany, this series is indeed a recharge for me and is an antidote to the often exhausting, overwhelming life outside, where it is difficult sometimes to slow down and pause. These practices are so effective for me, in the introspection practice for instance I was on the edge of sleep the whole time, so much of my body and soul was touched by it and it could get what it needed.. Together with innerdimension power yoga flows it is just amazing. Brittany, I can feel your heart and soul within every practice and meditation, and my body, heart and soul and mind thank you deeply for it. All the best for you and namaste, Katrin
Krisztina Szakal
Elizabeth Edinger
A wonderful series. I am so grateful.
I've been loving these more gentle and soothing practices...not what I immediately gravitate towards, but after each class my body tells me thank you. Also, Brittany's meditations are always amazing!