Inner Reflections
December 12, 2022

The Making of Yoga 45 for 45

It was 11:58pm and we were bursting with nervousness and excitement.

We had just spent the last several months prepping, filming, and editing this yoga program. There was a lot on the line. We had invested our life savings into this project and our future would be shaped by its success or failure. When the clock struck midnight the yoga program went LIVE and seconds later purchases started pouring in from all around the world. It ended up being a smash hit. The program was called “Yoga 30 for 30,” a yoga journey led by myself and Lauren where students practice 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

Looking back on those fond memories I can’t help but recognize it was this project that paved the way for what would inevitably become Inner Dimension TV.

I’m not sure where the drive comes from to want to create life changing yoga programs year after year. Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced firsthand the power of sticking to a program and how discipline and consistency transform your body and mind. Perhaps, it’s meeting people at a workshop or retreat who share how much a program has changed or even saved their life. What I do know is, is that the world has problems and these yoga programs offer real solutions.

When Lauren and I sat down to discuss the vision of our NEW program, “Yoga 45 for 45,” it started out with reflecting back on “Yoga 30 for 30.” In many ways, Y45, is the sequel to Y30.

Our hope was to capture the power of Y30 but take it to a whole other level. Because it’s been several years since the original, we’ve grown a lot as human beings and teachers. Also, from a production stand point we’ve evolved as well.

Like the original, Y45 would be based in thematic power yoga but also complimented with yin yoga, restorative, gentle, and mobility. We would also include bonus classes focusing on Core, Meditation and Pranayama.

We took 30-minute classes and leveled it up to 45-minute classes for the new program. I can’t overestimate what a difference an extra 15 minutes makes! For both Lauren and myself, there were times during Y30 where we felt like we had to rush to get everything in. One thing that got sacrificed in those shorter classes was what we call the ‘holistic elements.’ The holistic elements are teachings such as stories, quotes, and philosophy that help bridge the gap between practice and daily life. Fortunately, in Y45, we were able to bring those type of nuances into the experience.

On a production level we brought in a top-notch crew to film at an amazing location with incredible students. Yesterday, our editor showed me some clips from Y45 and I was blown away by the stunning cinematography of the classes. Each class has its own unique look providing a multitude of texture to the overall program. It’s definitely the most incredible program we’ve done to date and we can’t wait to share it with you.

For those of you that have already done Y30, it is our hope that Y45 will feel like you are reuniting with an old friend. But now, this friend is even better than when you last visited!

For those of you that are newer to Inner Dimension TV, you don’t need to complete Y30 before doing Y45. They are both stand-alone programs and we invite you to pick the program that is in sync with where you are in life. If you have little extra time definitely jump into Y45.

We will start our first global rotation of Yoga 45 for 45 on January 1, 2023. A global rotation is where people around the world all start the program on the same day, but still practicing on their own. This collective involvement is inspirational and motivational!

We are thrilled and honored to share this NEW program with you — it will be a journey — see YOU on the mat!

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By Travis