Inner Reflections
May 1, 2023

Connect To Your Core Self

Are you interested in going deeper into your practice beyond the asana?  Peeling back layers of honesty and connecting to your core self? Welcome to the Empowerment Yoga Series streaming exclusively on Inner Dimension TV starting this Wednesday (May 3, 2023), your opportunity to do just that.

My new Empowerment Yoga Series is where Power Yoga meets the InnerGuidance System, bringing personal development to the mat.

Four years ago, I was introduced to the InnerGuidance system which had a profound impact on my life. The system offers a deeply transformative and accelerated process for growth-minded people focused on greater fulfillment through personal development and collaborative relating. In my own life this actualized in the form of greater clarity, joy and open-heartedness. I started to recognize that as my willingness to trust the process deepened, so did my trust in the natural flow of life. The InnerGuidance work presented me with an enhanced toolkit to face the hardships of my past and those that were to come in my future. A toolkit which includes a greater ability to support myself and others, a confrontation of fear on a more intimate level, an awareness of my wants and an experiential understanding of the word joy.

The InnerGuidance work is about re-connecting with our core desires and truths using our physical, mental, emotional, kinesthetic and intuitive intelligence as we dialogue with ourselves through the practice. That’s right, I want you to speak out loud when I prompt you to. We’re talking to ourselves all the time anyway so we might as well try it intentionally. Often times just hearing these truths out loud creates greater awareness of and opportunity to fulfill the desires of our mind, body, and soul. This series is a beautiful opportunity to return to your natural state of being, one breath at a time. If you’re someone who prefers to process thoughts through writing, I encourage you to grab a journal and pen before you land on the mat!

We have 28 days together which include six Power yoga classes and one guided meditation. The classes are: Trust, Connection, Growth, Courage, Freedom, The Unknown, and Surrender. Each class will dive deeper into the specific theme, allowing you the opportunity to explore and embrace who you really are, what may be holding you back, and how to grow in further pursuit of your dreams. Over these 28 days we will flow, sweat, laugh, and cry all at the same time awakening to our greater potential to make a difference in both our own lives, and in the lives of those around us. With willing hearts and open minds, I’ll see you on the mat!

Make sure to check out Byron’s new series Empowerment Yoga Series streaming exclusively on Inner Dimension TV starting this Wednesday (May 3, 2023)!

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