Denise Antoine


With over 15 years of dance training/performance with Stefan Wenta, Lula Washington Ensemble & LACHSA, paired with eight years of yoga study, Denise is a qualified movement instructor. She received her yoga certifications with Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom, and Tamal Dodge. Denise is a 500-RYT, offering teachings that are soundly based in alignment, breath awareness and healing.

Denise is also a former Kids Pastor (Oasis, LA) and Outreach Leader (Treasures, an LA-based nonprofit, providing care for women working in the sex industry). Yoga and Christian Faith have been her anchors throughout the years and are her foundation for sharing the practice with you.

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Denise is aware of the importance of social justice, access to education, self-love and diversity in all industries. As a survivor of trauma and physical assault her heart is attuned to the value of healing mind, heart and body.

Denise’s classes are athletic, fun and meditative, as she strongly believes in the vast healing power this sacred practice provides. Denise wants to help you find strength, inner peace and reach your maximum human potential. She is also trained in Reiki, Trauma Release Yoga, Mat Pilates, Yoga Sculpt and Thai Yoga Stretch.