Inner Reflections
September 25, 2022

Chris Walker


Chris Walker is a grateful student of yoga and lover of connection who shares his passion through teaching yoga and human connection workshops and programs around the world. Following an +11 year career in the corporate world in which many of his successes were heavily driven and based on society’s definition and image of success, the practice of yoga and subsequently teaching it saved his life. While only being slightly dramatic, this focus on success was a blocker to his journey towards self connection, self awareness and ultimately self acceptance, and if you aren’t being you are you even living?

His studies began in London and have evolved while studying with teachers like Janet Stone, Bernie Clark, Mark Whitwell, and Leslie Kaminoff to name a few. Chris loves Yin Yoga and considers himself a yin teacher first due to the simplistic beauty of the practice and its philosophy on the mat and how it translates to life off the mat, find your edge, find stillness, and stay for some time. One of his goals as a teacher is to connect the dots between the sometimes overly complex yoga philosophies and deliver them in a grounded way that resonates with regular people.