How can I watch classes on my TV?

There are several ways to play Inner Dimension TV classes on your TV. Below are some examples of how our customers are accessing the site.

  • Apple TV: Use our Apple TV app, AirPlay icon on the browser video player (Safari) or via your Mac computer. Please note we will be releasing a new version of the Apple TV app with the new features and improvements later in 2024.
  • iOS device to TV: Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter, plugged into your tv
  • Android device to TV: USB-C to HDMI adapter cord, plugged into your tv
  • Chromecast: Cast link within the Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, or our iOS and Android apps
  • Fire Stick: Using a third-party app, such as TV Cast for Fire Stick. Some users have had luck with the Silk browser.
  • If casting from a PC to a Smart TV with a Firestick, users must first power on the TV before initiating casting from Chrome. If the TV remains off, the casting icon will not appear, preventing casting to the device.

  • Google Home: Cast button
  • Laptop: HDMI cable plugged into your tv
  • Xbox: Microsoft Edge Explorer browser
  • Roku: Download a third-party app, such as “iWebTV: Cast Web Videos to TV”. In Roku, select Streaming Channels. Install the iWebTV channel. On your phone, open the iWebTV app and enter into the search bar. Login and navigate to the class you want. Press play on a class, and a pop-up will appear, asking you to “Click to link to device”. Click “To TV”. Your video should play on your TV.

Users with a smartTV:

You may be able to access the site by using a web browser app on your Smart TV and then navigating to However, our site is not fully compatible with all smart TV browsers. For Smart TV users, we suggest using Chromecast for connectivity.

For more crowdsourcing solutions, please visit our Inner Dimension Community here and you can ask a question in the Community Feed group.