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Certification & Yoga Alliance Questions

All certifications will be issued by Inner Dimension Academy and will include Travis and Lauren’s signatures.

  • Part 1: 30hrs
    • You will receive a certificate based on completing 100% of the practices, lectures and homework. Completion will be 100% based on the honor system.
    • You may also submit this certificate to Yoga Alliance for 30 hours of Continuing Education credits in the form of non-contact hours. However, Yoga Alliance may have a max number of non-contact hours that they will accept.
    • Look for The Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher Training (Part 1) on the Yoga Alliance site.


  • Part 2: 200hrs
    • If you complete both Parts 1 and 2 you will receive a 200hr certificate issued by Inner Dimension Academy.
    • Part 2 participants will be required to film a class in English that will be reviewed by a senior Holistic Yoga Flow teacher, with additional support by Travis and Lauren. In the rare instance that one of our senior teachers fluently speaks your preferred language, we can consider that option.
    • You will be required to have at least one student in your class.
  • Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher Training (300hrs-made up of 9 modules)

If you complete any of the 9 modules, you will receive a certificate issued by Inner Dimension Academy for that module.  If you do all of them, you will receive a 300hrs training certificate. This is not Yoga Alliance Certified; however, Travis and Lauren are both recognized and respected in the global yoga community and many of their students have gone onto become working yoga instructors.

Certifications are given to participants upon completion of the outlined requirements, and we expect all participants to retain the highest levels of integrity and honesty.


Will a certificate by Inner Dimension Academy be recognized in my home country / at my studio / place of employment?

  • When you complete our Holistic Yoga Flow Online Teacher Training 200hrs and/or 300hrs, you will be qualified to teach yoga.
  • Whether your country / yoga studio / place of employment will accept the certificate will depend on the yoga studio / employer. Studios are more likely to be interested in how you teach a class and may require a test run. However, Travis and Lauren are both recognized and respected in the global yoga community.
  • We also provide the training as-is, and cannot warrant or guarantee any sort of employment opportunities or future events.
  • If you do require a Yoga Alliance-certified training, please attend our in-person training, which may resume again no earlier than 2024.

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