300hr TT Questions

Is a Holistic Yoga Flow 200hr Teacher Training Certificate required to enroll in your 300hr training?

  • We strongly recommend students to complete the HYF Part 1 + II (200hr courses) before Advanced Sequencing. For students who already have done another 200hr with a separate organization, we recommend at least doing our HYF Part I (30 hrs). You do not have to complete HYF Part II (170hrs) unless you would like to.

When will the online 300hr Teacher Training be released?

  • We will be releasing the 300hr TT in 7 modules throughout 2023-2024.

When will you have an in-person 300hr Teacher Training? 

  • At this time we do not have plans to hold an in-person 300hr teacher training. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated on all the latest news and announcements!