Inner Reflections
December 20, 2021

Why Power Yoga 108

The goal of Inner Dimension TV’s newest program, Power Yoga 108, simply put, is to empower you. In fact, this is why we call this style of practice power yoga. Power yoga is a modality of yoga that’s meant to empower you so that you’re not dependent on anything outside of you. 

Many people are wasting their time and spinning their wheels when it comes to fulfilling their potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Before you know it, another week, another month, another year has come and gone and they are back to square one. 

The problem is that most people are victim to their external environment. And when external environments are rocked with global challenges, it’s easy for people to fall into a sense of hopelessness and even despair.

But the world doesn’t need more victims. The world needs more warriors. It needs more empowered individuals. If you want to change the collective, you have to start by changing the individual. Many of us have good intentions and we want to make a positive impact in the world. We want to change the world. The most powerful, effective way that any of us can possibly do that is by changing ourselves.

Through a consistent power yoga practice, you can awaken a spirit of compassion, of inner strength, of inner power, of generosity, of kindness, of unconditional love, and then that naturally begins to ripple out into everything that we do – infused within our speech, our thoughts and our actions. Then you can see how that spreads through our family circle, our friends circle, our community, and even beyond that. 

I think we can all agree that the world doesn’t need more victims. It doesn’t need more people that are a slave to the external environment especially when you have challenges like the pandemic and climate change. 

Different cultures, they have different variations and different manifestations of the warrior. You have the Japanese samurai, the Shaolin fighting monk, the Navy SEAL, the Spartans. And there’s that great spartan credo that says, “Sweat more in training, bleed less in war.” So the better you’re training on a daily basis, the more adept you are within the daily practical experiences that you are encountering within your life.

Power Yoga 108 is much more than your typical fitness program. PY 108 is about a timeless theme. The theme of moving from division into unity, transforming your weaknesses into strengths, transforming fear through the fire of courage, and transforming darkness through the crucible of light. It’s about no longer being a victim to the things outside of you, but being empowered by the wisdom that exists inside of you. It’s about breaking through all limitations and reclaiming your limitless power. Because the truth is, is that we were all born with this. We were all born with this limitless power, but many of us have forgotten. 

With PY108, I’m going to take you on an epic journey. I’m going to provide you a very clear roadmap of how to maximize your experience. One of the greatest mistakes that many of us make when it comes to transformation is not being consistent and not committing long-term. We’re just dabbling here and there – maybe we do a video on YouTube here and another one in a few days but then stop. For true change, you need to be consistent and being part of a long-term program like PY 108 that is both comprehensive and cohesive can have true impact. And to be able to do it all from the comfort of your own home…it doesn’t get better than that! 

PY 108 will start with creating a body that’s strong and supple. If you look at those great fighters like the Shaolin fighting monks, they’re incredibly strong, but they’re also incredibly flexible, incredibly supple. This is what we’re after. Then we’ll go deeper than just the physical to address the dimension of the mind. This program will help you cultivate a mind that is calm, a mind that is clear. Calmness right now is priceless just because there’s so much stress and there’s so much chaos going on in the world. To be able to stay calm in the midst of uncertainty, in the midst of all that’s going on right now is such a gift. And it’s a gift that not only just benefits you, but it also benefits everybody around you.

Another result, maybe my favorite result, is to really create a spirit that is alive and a spirit that is awakened. I firmly believe that the root of all of our desires, even when we’re looking at eating ice cream or drinking a beer or maybe even doing a drug, at the root of all of our desires is a longing on a spiritual level, at the very core and essence of who we are is to feel alive, to feel awake. But, of course, the problem is that we search for that sensation, we search for that fulfillment in all the wrong places. 

It’s like the story that the Persian poet Rumi tells, the person walking around their house trying to find their diamond necklace. They go from room to room. And the whole entire time, the diamond necklace is right around their neck. The happiness, purpose, deep meaning and fulfillment that we seek, it exists within the very core and the very essence of who we are.  

Envision a body both strong and supple, a mind both clear and calm, and a spirit both alive and awakened. Every day for 108 days straight, we are going to train every dimension of you. And there’s only two mistakes that you can make on this path, not getting started and not going all the way. 

Are you ready? If so, check out Power Yoga 108 today, streaming exclusively on Inner Dimension TV. Our first group rotation starts January 3, 2022 (Monday) and there’s no better way to discover your highest self in 2022 than to commit to this long-term program!

Power Yoga 108 with Travis Eliot

By Travis