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Transform your mind and body with PY108, a 108-day online power yoga program led by Travis Eliot, featuring daily yoga, meditation, and nutrition tips.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
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60 Mins
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PY108 (Power Yoga 108) is a transformative online power yoga program invoking strength, flexibility, and calmness. This 108-day journey is perfect for people ready for a life changing experience — all from the comfort of your home. Each day be prepared to ‘sweat with soul’ for approximately 60 minutes.

Throughout the program, world renowned instructor Travis Eliot, will inspire you as you move through power yoga, core work, yin yoga, meditation, breath work and daily wisdom as a way to awaken your fullest potential.

In addition to the yoga classes, this program also includes nutrition tips, a digital calendar, a digital booklet, access to a private online community, and exclusive bonus practices!

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I am on Day 11 and absolutely love this program. The classes are challenging yet so calming. Cant wait to finish the whole program and gain strength for Level up 108
Pornpana Desbois
I DID IT!!!🥳🥳🥳 I feel so grateful for being able to completed this program. It transformed me, physically and above all mentally. I'm a happier person and ready to take on whatever coming into life. Thank you Travis, Namaste🙏🧘‍♀️
Sofia Sampaio
I am feeling an array of emotions right now, but I must say that completing the 108 sun salutations was a breeze compared to the 36. I was initially unsure if I was ready for the challenge, but I dug deep and made it happen. It's an indescribable feeling of joy and love. This yoga program was my first-ever, and I am immensely grateful for the experience. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I faced them all head-on - from happiness to pain, acceptance, ego, and more, name it. I cannot express how grateful I am that PY108 "found me" 108 days ago. This PY practice has been a game-changer for me, especially during challenging situations. I am looking forward to the next challenge and keeping up with Travis and InnerdimensionTV.
Marieyella Gellert
I did it !!! WUHUUUU 🎉 YES !!! Thank you all ! Thank you Travis ! And thanks to me !🎉 How does it get any better 🌈 YEAHHHHH !!!!! ❤️
How awesome! What feelings of exhilaration! I have completed the Ultimate Yogi, Level Up 108 and now-- on today-- PY 108! I challenge myself to complete one of these programs at least once per year. At 65 years young, I feel grateful and blessed to be physically fit, mentally, emotionally and spiritually able to complete these classes/programs. I aspire to attend a retreat one day with you Travis and Lauren. That is on my bucket list. Meanwhile, I will continue the teacher training program. I will pursue new fitness challenges and setting new goals...Namaste.'
Tatiana Becker
Music in this program is a masterpiece! It is so genuinely frames transitions, highlights intensity or invites to relaxation. Often this music helped me going and finish the class. Great work.
Bernardita Hudson
I did it. I have been on the 108 for more than a year. Every time I had to pause for logistical reasons, I started over from day 1, so my 108 has been more like 385 with a week off here and there. But for the last 108 days I did it straight. Thank you, Travis. It has been amazing.
Dear Travis, You are my Super Teacher , Thankyou from bottom of my heart. Preeti 108 YOGA STUDIO, DUBAI
Artak Danieljan
Done, super program, Thanks a lot , Namaste : )
Adrienn Molnar
Looking forward to starting this tomorrow
Adrienn Molnar
Completed this programme today (just in time to start PY108 tomorrow) and I feel very accomplished. Namaste Travis
Hilda Mahmoudi
OMG! I did it! It takes more that 108 days but I did it! I am so happy. Thank you Travis and your great team.
Marjan Buseyne
Only Love for this. Namasté )(
Karen Gaudet
Today I completed PY108 what a beautiful journey, I got very teary at the 106th sun salutation . I am grateful, thank you and looking forward to my next journey. I think I’ll do 30 for 30
Robert Dworschak
I enjoyed doing the series and have received many benefits. On to PY 108 level up :)
Todd Courson
PY108 is simply the best power yoga training there is. I love the additions of 45 minute and 30 minute versions as well - it just fits so well into my life to have these options. I have been following Travis for a longtime and I have always wanted to point something out... in his UY series he forgets one of the series in the series of 10 in Cardio and in PY108 he adds an extra one! I always like Travis more in the moment when he forgets one. lol.
mutlu dinckok
today ı practıced day 5 detox. and it felt amazing. thank you very much