Inner Reflections
October 2, 2023

Trilogy of Strength Series

We’re sharing some special excerpts from Lauren’s Trilogy of Strength Series, exclusively on Inner Dimension TV. We hope you enjoy previews from this series and try for yourself!


The measure of our practice is not how strong we become but how stable we become off the mat. While this power yoga practice will be physically demanding the goal is not to tone your body, burn the most calories or change you in any physical way.


This power vinyasa flow invites you to work with your embodied brain as you navigate creative transitions and new combinations of familiar movements to draw you out of your usual habits of practice and into the realms of freedom and possibility.


This is a practice of integration. When integration is blocked there is chaos and rigidity. To bring balance to your mind and body, this practice is a slow-flow mixture of gentle yoga, yin yoga, and breathwork. As you learn to stretch into the gentle part of you that is motivated by love, you will integrate on all levels, remembering once again that your body knows how to help you through hard moments.