Trilogy of Strength

Transform your body, mind, and spirit with Trilogy of Strength - a 3-part yoga program for holistic empowerment.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
No Props
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Trilogy of Strength
60 Mins
No Props
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Trilogy of Strength is a journey to holistic empowerment of your body, mind and spirit. Class one, “Strength of Body,” empowers your physical form, tapping into the elements of earth and fire, as you strengthen your body, build stamina and ignite confidence.

Inspired by the elements of water and air, practice two, “Strength of Mind,” takes you on a fluid, creative, non-linear vinyasa adventure instilling pliability, adaptability and flexibility of not just body but mind as you learn to accept uncertainty and embrace the unknown.

The series culminates with the element of ether in a practice called “Strength of Spirit,” which combines gentle yoga, yin yoga, breath work and meditation as you finalize the Trilogy of Strength at the level of your spirit. This series includes three 60 minute practices.

We suggest you do one practice every other day for at least 1 week, continuing to rotate the classes in that same order for a month, or on an as-needed basis.

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Love this series. Challenging, creative, fun, empowering! I also like the days off between the classes. Thank you!
Love this! Especially day 7 Thank you :-)
Venetia Robinson
Magnificent yay! So challenged yet manageably so - Thank you, Lauren, thank you 'so!'
Shannon Gates
Strength of body is my favorite class by Lauren yet. It seemed the most natural and authentic. Thank you
Beautiful sequencing and narrations. Practice has left me feeling full of love and gratitude for the confidence it has given me. I am really pleased it is a series as I get so much out of returning to each session again and again 🙏
Anthony Pang
Great workout, feel so good. Thank you Lauren
Wow, just finished Day 1 and what an extraordinary class! It had everything and it was challenging and it was fun and it flew by :) I'm drenched in a pool of sweat and feel so refreshed and free. Thank you Lauren, looking forward to the rest of the classes. Amazing class.
Maria Chioccarelli
absolute favourites!!! powerful and calming thank you! hopefully some more classes like this!
Pamela Musso
so good, thank you Lauren!
Chanah Leah Till
wow! Thanks, Lauren. Im just on Day 1 and I am already so excited for the rest! and more!
loved it Lauren! Thanks so much for this great sequence !!!
Great class!
The first class is nice, but I really do not like the voice over approach. It takes all of the personalization, live-class feel right out of it . . . everything that makes IDTV so engaging. I felt like I was practicing with Siri or AI. I don't think I will continue with the series. Please don't make this approach a regular thing.
Wendy Hesketh
I was hesitant to try, thinking it would be too hard for me but it was amazing, a mix of challenging strength and stretches. Thank you Lauren!
Beautiful, timely, strong and healing. I lost my beloved two weeks ago. I feel as if I have been swallowed into an abyss. Until now. This practice pulled me up, out, and into my body...the gentle encouragement, guidance, the fire created in each movement, the thoughtful narration and challenge to feel it all, move thru it. I am sobbing. I am grateful. I am present. Yoga has prepared me for life off the mat -even, no especially, this. Thank you Lauren.
Doris Ramseger
Lauren, I love he program! It is so strong and mindful, thank you!
Laura neal
Any series with Lauren the best. So excited to see this new one. Thank you, Lauren.