Inner Reflections
June 24, 2024

Summer Strong

“To travel is to live, especially to places like Bali where the spirit of summer seems eternal.”
-Hans Christian Anderson

Summer time is here which means longer days, adventure, and hopefully lots of time experiencing the warmth of the outdoors!

Now that this popular time of year is here, I want to personally invite you on an epic yoga adventure to Bali with myself, Byron, Paul and Chris. We’ve created a powerful 28 day series packed with dynamic power yoga and blissful yin yoga.

When you step onto your mat you will be transported to majestic Ubud, Bali where you will experience the soul of this magical land. No matter where you are in the world, every day will feel like you are taking a 60-minute virtual retreat with us as you sweat, breathe and stretch your way to be Summer Strong with the Men of Inner Dimension TV!

Being Summer Strong is all about feeling your best physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all season long!

Oh, and we’ve made sure to offer you yoga practices that require no props. This way you can take your yoga with you anywhere and any place and keep your flow consistent.

It’s time to fire things up and get Summer Strong with a mind peacefully calm — See YOU on the mat!

Make sure to check out this new power yoga series, Summer Strong, now streaming exclusively on

By Travis