Inner Reflections
August 1, 2022

Fascia – Unlocking the Yang & Yin Energies

Yin & Yang is a symbol for balance between two opposite energies. Sun/Moon, Masculine/Feminine, Fire/Water, Strength/Surrender. Every human being has both yin and yang energies within themselves that they can learn to harness and transmute to others. The key to unlocking these energies can be found in the exploration of fascia. Fascia is the network that brings all of this together, it is the gateway to the energetic body.

My new series on Inner Dimension TV explores the incredible benefits that come from learning to condition our fascia.  It will teach us the five major myofascial lines as outlined by Tom Myers and how to condition them with elastic pulses and myofascial release.  Tom Myers is a world-renowned massage therapist and anatomy expert, and his book Anatomy Trains was an absolutely groundbreaking study of the importance of fascia. This series includes four strong and sweaty Yang Classes and three super gentle myofascial release classes.  These are incredible compliments to a vinyasa yoga practice and are essential for maintaining youthful mobility and can aid in injury prevention.

The Yang portion of the classes focuses on myofascial elasticity. This is a very exciting and new technique being developed within the movement community that adds a vital “missing link” to traditional vinyasa practices. Elastic movements are basically “pulses” designed to specifically target different parts of the body. This creates a tremendous amount of heat and strength in the system, while doing very simple movements. It opens up the body and will create more mobility and youthful “bounce” to a practice. Think yoga meets martial arts and barre method! Incorporating elastic movement to a yoga practice is a game changer, whether your practice is beginner or advanced.

The Yin portion of the series includes myofascial release, or using deep tissue self-massage to release stored tension throughout the body.  This has a great benefit to the muscular system, but also the nervous system.  This deep tissue work has a fantastic way of getting rid of nagging aches and pains. It has had a great benefit on my own body in releasing emotional trauma.  The savasanas at the end of these classes are the best!

Upon completion of this series, you can also expect to have significant shifts in your asana and meditation practice, your mobility and strength, and your understanding of the myofascial lines and how they relate to the energetic body.

This series is a slice of a Yin/Yang Yoga Training that I have been working on for the past four years, and if you enjoy it you might want to consider practicing with me in-person at our home in Bali, Indonesia.  We have an immersion Dec 3-14, 2022 in Ubud at the world-famous Yoga Barn.  For more information on this experience, please visit us here.   

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By Paul