Myofascial Yin Yang

Condition your fascia and maintain youthful mobility with our Yoga Program featuring Tom Myers' myofascial release techniques.
Led by: Paul Teodo
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Functional Fitness
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Myofascial Yin Yang
45 Mins
Functional Fitness
All Levels

This series teaches us the incredible benefits that come from learning to condition our fascia. It will teach us the 5 major myofascial lines as outlined by Tom Myers and how to condition them with elastic pulses and myofascial release. Tom Myers is a world-renowned massage therapist and anatomy expert, and his book Anatomy Trains was an absolutely groundbreaking study of the importance of fascia. The series includes 4 strong and sweaty Yang Classes and 3 super gentle myofascial release classes.

These are incredible compliments to a vinyasa yoga practice and are essential for maintaining youthful mobility and aid in injury prevention.

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3rd day: I just love these classes. Thank you Paul :-)
Linda Pierce
Loved this class Paul . I was hesitant thinking it might be too difficult for me but it turned out to be challenging but a lot of fun moving my body in all the different ways. I’m excited to do the whole program. Thank you so much 😊
This is exactly what I have been searching for!! I am 59 years old and have been physically active my entire life, but have noticed decreasing mobility especially in my knees, chest and shoulders. My body felt so good when I finished Day 1, I couldn't wait to try Day 2. I honestly think I will follow this series for the rest of my life. Thank you Paul!!!
Thank you, Paul, for this amazing series, and for introducing me to myofascial work. The series really improved my posture and overall feeling of freedom in my body, and I've been coming back to the classes as an addition to my vinyasa practice. Personally I turn off the music in yoga classes when I can, so I was a little bit sceptical of the guitar in the yin classes, but I LOVE it! It's beautiful, uplifting and feels strangely spiritual. Thanks again for these wonderful classes!
Ling Hui
My upper back pain has gone after the back Line exercise. Thank you Paul! :)))
Teresa Thompson
I'm only on day 3 and I already love this series! Thank you so much Paul. I've suffered from chronic pain for over a decade, but these first three classes have already given me so much relief. I know this will be a 'go to' series for me as I continue to heal my body and deepen my practice. Much gratitude for Paul, this practice, and the guitar music. Absolutely beautiful.
Jennifer Cevik
Feeling absolutely amazing following Paul's classes. He has been an excellent addition to Inner Dimension TV. Thank you, Paul
Cindy Tansin
These workouts, while odd by traditional yoga standards, really make the body feel great. I have problems with my feet and sciatic muscles, and I love doing these myofascial workouts. Please continue to do more. Thanks!
Christine Anhut
these classes are just like medicine i absolutely adore them thank you so much for all your work and for sharing them.
Kristin Ramos
I'm loving this program! More Myo Yin classes please :)
Renee Minor
Please include more classes with the roller. Lateral yin was amazing! The music, the inspiration, and the kindness that just illuminates from you is well received. ty Renee
Maria Guinea
Great program for my needs!!! I do my yoga training for supporting my amateur cycling. This series is excellent because it goes to the point in each class without superfluous wording.
This! is a great series. Thank you so much Paul, you are a wunderful teacher. It is so nice to see (and hear) how this practice also effects you. I will always come back to it, it is medicine for my body, mind and soul. Looking forward to your next series. Namaste.
Miriam Ramirez
A real gift for my body and soul!
and Done : ) amazing insight into my body and myofascial massage benefits I observed my strength building with each practice and look forward to continuing ala carte as part of my regular inner vision practice thank you very much!
Paulina Fried
This series is amazing and Paul a GREAT teacher! MORE PLEASE!
samanta carpeggiani
Assolutamente bellissimo! Corso svolto con molta competenza, e chiarezza, veramente indispensabile e complementare alla pratica abituale!