Inner Reflections
October 16, 2023


Judith Lasater, author of Living Your Yoga, writes that “Faith is a recipe made of part trust in ourselves, past experiences of life working out, and part intuitive connection with the divine.”

Her interpretation of Faith, a concept which has become very entangled with religion and relationships, sits well with me. I feel that true faith goes beyond faith in an external divinity or being faithful to an external person or concept.

True faith is just as grounded within us as it is in others and the Divine.

In this way, faith is a beautiful and simple amalgamation of yogic principles. It is a vital part of yoga, of yoga as Unity. Without faith, we cannot be truly one with ourselves and one with the Universe.

When faith starts within, with faith in us, it’s linked with releasing attachment, releasing expectations, and embracing a willingness to experience reality as it is. We trust that we have what we need to make the most of what the Universe offers.

We allow other people and external events to unfold without asking anything of them, without judging them, without projecting onto them our fears, needs, and desires. Our centeredness, our groundedness, our connection to the Divine is a flame that shines within us and needs no kindling other than who we are.

We are One with ourselves.

As Judith says, there is also an external element to faith: the Divine. We can only truly have faith in the Divine when we have released the attachments and expectations that tie us to the material world, when we have made space for it. Only then are we able to see that it already shines within us, and that we shine within, and with, the Universe.

Below are some recommended practices to help strengthen your faith:
Yin Yoga

Third Eye Chakra

FIECE GRACE Inner Dimension TV

By Jenny