Inner Reflections
March 6, 2023

Celebrating The Women Of IDM TV

“While it is common for anyone to experience a sense of admiration, or even jealousy, at the success of another person, my experience has always been one of support, camaraderie and what in Buddhist terms is referred to as mudita or sympathetic joy among women and fellow female-identifying teachers in the community…I am able to stand securely in the felt-oneness of the power of yoga when working with the women of IDM TV, especially amidst a group of people who are too often depicted as being pitted against one another. We have the ability to change the narrative and over the last 15+ years, I have been privileged to watch this narrative continually change for the better.”

” There’s something incredibly powerful that arises when women co-create and support one another. The soft energy of the feminine along with the fiercely unwavering spirit of each woman I had the opportunity to collaborate with inspires me to continue to share and teach from the wisest and most nurturing space of my being. I’m truly honored to be a part of IDM TV.”

“Being on set with the women of IDM always feels empowering. I feel inspired by the women of IDM – we each have a unique voice and offer so much strength, individually and collectively…We live in a masculine-centric culture, especially when it comes to success and goal attainment.  So the question becomes is it possible to achieve a goal by relaxing into it versus powering through to achieve it?  What about community? Getting support? Having fun in the process?  This is what I feel the women of IDM represent – the heroine’s journey – the power of women coming together in community, supporting one another, and achieving a goal as a collective.”

“Multiple women on IDM TV have been encouragements & reflections of my greatness back to me when I needed it most, when I’d forgotten my value. Being a participant in IDM TV is a beautiful reminder that we also have soul sisters supporting each other around the globe! Thank you for your commitment to yourself. Thank you for persevering when it gets hard. Thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you, for being you – Together we rise!”


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