Inner Reflections
July 24, 2023


There is a whole lot that goes into the birthing of a new series, and time is at the top of the list. Time spent brainstorming, preparing, writing, curating, practicing, flowing, breathing, sweating, revisiting, updating, and more. For myself, I truly enjoy the process. I have learned over the years how important it is to give myself quiet time and space to be able to listen to what wants to come through and inspire my body, mind, and soul. Every time I create a new class I am faced with a new challenge. A challenge that lights me up from the inside out. Time very well spent, here we go.

In the beginning of the year (2023) I spent weeks thinking about what I could offer to students and practitioners worldwide that would provide value and a new perspective on the practice. A few ideas had come through, but nothing had really stuck. There was an upcoming retreat taking place in the last week of February in Mexico in the Yucatán peninsula that I was asked to assist and teach on. I was really looking forward to this experience for many reasons. I love Mexico, especially the Yucatán. My friends who were putting on the retreat are near and dear to my heart. My mother and my partner were going to be joining as participants, and there was an IDM TV subscriber who had signed up for the retreat as well!

The theme for the retreat was based on the elements. Particularly: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Like that, a spark within had been ignited. The inspiration for the series had landed, and what better to draw inspiration from than Mother Nature? The foundation had been set; the next steps involved weaving it all together. Shamanic sound healing has been an important part of my journey over the past several years. So, with each class I wanted to bring in a piece of sound correlated to the corresponding element. I felt like this would be a great way to deepen students’ connections to every element through the vibration of sound. For the practices between the element-asana classes, I wanted to share a variety of meditations and pranayama practices that have supported me on my journey as well. 

My hope for students who follow along with the program is that they may be inspired by and reconnect with the elements within themselves. However, that may look and feel like. We are all made up of these incredibly powerful elements for which we would have no life and existence without. It seems to me that it is the little things we tend to take for granted, yet it is the little things that bring us long-lasting and true joy, peace, and happiness. 

When was the last time you gave thanks to Earth for providing you and your loved ones with a place to lay your heads at night with comfort and security? Or gave thanks to the manifestation of the Earth that is your body, for allowing you to move freely, play, and practice? When was the last time you gave thanks to the Air and your lungs for providing you with life force and the ability to breathe fully and deeply? When was the last time you gave thanks to the element of Fire which provides us with warmth and allows us to cook delicious meals and purify our bodies, minds, and spirits? When was the last time you gave thanks to the Waters which give us life and make up most of our physical bodies and cells?

The more we drop into a state of gratitude, the more in our hearts we will be and lead from. The more in our hearts we are, the better for all living beings around us, including ourselves. As I mention in the intro, take some time throughout the series to get outside and connect to the elements around yourself. Shinrin-yoku is the ancient practice of forest bathing that has become more popularized, and for good reason. There is so much evidence proving how beneficial it is for us to surround ourselves and ground ourselves in nature. Simply taking a few minutes to stand on the Earth barefoot can boost your mood and remove toxins. There will be more to come, soon enough. Until then, enjoy the practices and remind yourself to smile 🙂

See you on the mat.      

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By Mychal