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Discover balance and wholeness with Travis Eliot's Yin & Yang series: 30-minute practices blending power yoga and yin yoga for strength, clarity, and emotional steadiness.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
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Yang & Yin
30 Mins
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Without the right balance of Yin and Yang energy your body becomes weak, your mind is in turmoil, your emotional unstable, and you perpetually feel uneasy as if something is always missing. But, when you find the right balance you are strong in the body, clear in the mind, steady emotionally, and you feel as if nothing is missing and everything is complete and whole.

In this 3 class “Yang & Yin” series, Travis will guide you through 30 minute practices that are half power yoga and half yin yoga. See YOU on the mat!

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Loved it! Perfect mix when I need a little of both but am short on time. Will revisit this frequently.
I love it! I'm on a crunch for time and 30 minutes is perfect ❤️🙌💪 Please add more to this series 😍
Once again a fantastic practice. I found somethings challenging but I did my best for my age but at the same time it got me fired up for the day ahead. The music was fantastic. Thank you Travis 🙏
Truly wonderful series I wish there were more of them🙏🏻thank u for this gift💕
My favorite kind of class is a 50/50 and 30 minutes - perfection!
Perfect mixture of power yoga and Yin. Love it
NZ Reding
I love Travis’s classes, especially the ones with first half power, last half yin. Unfortunately the pace of the power portion of this series is simply too fast. The breath pace is way too sped up and even distracting. I don’t think anyone is able to take a full breath if they are actually following along with the cues. Hopefully this can be taken constructively and be slowed down in the future.
Thanks for the practice, I needed to start working again... you are the best !!!!
First inner dimension tv class review! I love all the classes on here, I’ll start with that. But it’s 4 instead of 5 bc the Yang portion was SO FAST. Usually I am a big fan of your pacing for power/Yang yoga, but I had to pause a couple of times. Probably could’ve benefited from being 45 mins. But doesn’t mean I won’t be back - I feel great and it was a nice balanced class. Thanks!
I like this program but is definitely not my favorite. I agree with others the pace is too fast and is hard to catch up with my breathing. Always happy to have a variety of great practices to start my day. Thank you Travis.
Loving the program! Get it all when time is short!!
Get it all - power yoga and yin in just 30 minutes. Love it.
Loved it! What about the same on a 28/30 day format? That would be awesome!
Double happiness - the best very short of both worlds with the one and only Travis! Awesome as always.We love you!
Patricia Lock
Love this 30 minutes practice. The pace for the Yang portion is fast and furious, the cues are pretty fast! For someone starting with Travis, you need to know his teaching style first…that said, thank you for another nice program!