Power yoga without the strain on your upper body - skip the vinyasa and still challenge your balance, strength, and cardio with this series.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
Slow Flow
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20 Mins
Slow Flow
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Giving your wrists, shoulders and upper body a break this series will have you working differently but just as effectively. Each class skips the vinyasa (no planks, Chaturangas, Up Dogs, or Downward Facing Dogs) but will still challenge your balance, improve strength, and invoke the cardio vascular system to give you a well-rounded power yoga practice all while alleviating your upper body for the times when your wrists and shoulders need a much deserved break.

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Really good class and I very much enjoyed it. I'm working with a rotator cuff injury at the moment and this class was the perfect antidote! Please do some more vinyasa less series 🙏
Linda Pierce
Please make more of these classes. So many of us need this type of class.
Lynnette Siegel
Agree with many others here—this is just what I have been looking for! I would give it 5 stars if it was 36-45-60 minutes. Just a little longer and it would be perfect!! Please make more and longer!
I really like this series. Great if you want or need to give your upper body a bit of a break. A series of 45 minutes or 60 minutes would be great!
Julie Lilienthal
Absolutely love the vinyasless classes. Would love to see a series of 30-60 days of longer vinyasaless classes. Gracias. Sending love from El Salvador.
Paola Rizzato
I enjoyed this short series overall. Vinyasa is so hard on the wrists, to the point that the benefits of yoga are outweighed by the risk of injurying yourself. These classes are challenging without exerting your wrists and shoulders. I wish the series was longer, we need more of vinyasa-free practices! My only criticism is that in two out of three classes, Lauren gets you to turn to the back of the mat. It's very hard to practice a new routine when you can't look at the screen, and most people have limited space and can't have their mat sideways. I know that eventually one might have the class fully memorised (like in Ashtanga) and turning to the back of the mat won't be an issue, but if you have just started using this series it's very frustrating to keep craning your neck to see what you are meant to do. Overall I enjoyed the series.
Diane Davies
Thank you Lauren - this is perfect while my wrists are recovering from overuse and injury. I would love more of these kind of classes and also longer versions.
Rah Love
ah YES!! This is exactly what I've been looking for. Would love to find same style just a little longer, too! I'll poke around the channel and seeeee.. thank you! Namaste. ps::: "nobody wise ever wished to be younger" shazamm!!! love it
getting back into yoga after a wrist issue. I have to slowly rebuild strength in my wrists and this is a good in between days practice. Thank you.
Sarah Brown
Would love more of this series as my poor wrists suffer from over use - Thank you!
This is a great series and I would love to see longer vinyasa-less classes! A well deserved break on the shoulders and wrists! 🙂
Jaizel Lopez
Fantastic short series, It's being great for me now that I have an injure on my wrist, don't need to stop my practice.
Kristina Henneberg
Beautiful! Exactly what I needed! Thank you!
Robin Hanover
This has made me so happy! I signed up for the yearly membership and because of chronic neck issues I had to stop doing a lot of the classes because of all the downward dogs, I would modify but it isn’t the same. This has made my heart sing. I have been loving the new series’s lately. 20 mins is perfect on days when that is all you can do. Please add more of the power yoga without DD’s my body is in heaven. Thank you Lauren!
Chele Wood
I love this flow! Unique with great sequences. I welcome the break from the up and down dogs, which can cause havoc for me on a old wrist injury. THANK YOU to all who worked to put this together <3
Marisa Zanotti
Thanks for these Can’t wait to do flows that don’t involve taking weight through the wrists, love yoga but can rarely do power yoga, a medical condition means I adapt sequences so it will be cool to get on with this Cheers!
Nicky Breedt
Great classes! Challenging but loving the slow and creative transitions in between.