Summer Yoga Loving

31 days of energizing power yoga and restorative yin to dive into summer with strength and balance.
Led by: Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom, Brittany Lynne, Denise Antoine, and Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
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Summer Yoga Loving
31-Day Program
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels

Summer Yoga Loving is a 31-day series made up of Inner Dimension’s newest and strongest classes to help you dive into the summer season with energy, strength & stamina. Follow this dynamic class calendar, which offers you a new class every single day. Enjoy 5 days a week of strong power yoga and 2 days a week of delicious yin, gentle or restorative yoga for a truly balanced experience that will leave you loving your summer yoga practice.

While we recommend enjoying the entire program, you also have the option to enjoy each of the classes individually.

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Subhashini Mahadevan
This series was beautiful. Each class had something to offer. Some were challenging, some were relaxing and some were blissful. A big THANK YOU to all the teachers. Immensely grateful!! Namaste.
David Richardson
A great series to meet other teachers and get a wider variety of practice. Thank you.
wow I just finished my first week and I am totally in love with each day , Thank you
thank you Lauren... Calibrate to your heart superb
Lolita Engel
Especially day 15 from Summer Series was wonderful Travis! Loved every single move. Greetings from germany 🙏
This is one of my most favourite programs. Each class I think is my favourite and then when I do the next one, I say that again. Thank you IDTV for putting your heart and soul into it! :)
I loved the bending wisdom practice! Will become a favorite!
Delightful series! I loved the variety. It was a perfect end to my summer. Thank you!
Love this Summer Series! It's like going to the yoga studio where you get a different class each time. I also like how it rotates the teachers! Love this set up!
Absolutely loving this programme...has been a great follow on from the yoga 30 for 30 program!