Start Your Day

Empower your mornings with 7 short, 5-minute meditations to set the tone for a fulfilling day.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
5 Mins
All Levels
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Start Your Day
5 Mins
All Levels

The Start Your Day audio meditation series is made up of 7 short, 5-minute practices to help you start your day. These brief practices help set the tone for your day, get in the zone, and create the vision for a life of profound fulfillment, steadiness and clarity.

Do one meditation each morning to help you begin your day from an empowered, grateful and focused place.

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My second day, after the Spring to Summer series , a nice and a great way also having my breakfast. A really nice and deep way to start the morning. Thank you Lauren
I love these short but powerful meditations. A great way to begin my day. Thank you Lauren 🙏
I love these quick practices - - short and sweet and perfect morning pep talks - thank you Lauren 🙏
Ishita Singh
Beautiful, short and powerful 5 min meditation practises. Thanks Lauren.
I am not sure if I can say enough about how much I enjoy this series. I have been doing it again and again for about two months. I find the lessons stick with repetition. Consider this as a great way to begin your day and a reprieve from the chaos of the day. That is what it has been for me. Thank you, Lauren.
What a perfect program. This series has really helped me focus during quarantine and the short lessons are so so effective!
I am grateful to have found your teachings. I find them to be powerful, and I like their empowerment of the self, not self indulging. Namaste.
What a wonderful way to start the day!! Lauren’ s lovely voice, mellow music and wonderful thoughts. Thank you!
just finished day 1 and love this already. lauren is such an inspiration and love how short and sweet these classes are - can't wait for day 2~