Primal Elements

Transform your body with primal yoga movements that increase mobility and strength in hips, shoulders, spine, and wrists.
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Functional Fitness
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Primal Elements
30 Mins
Functional Fitness
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This series explores floor-based primal movement patterns that increase mobility and strength in the hips, shoulders, spine and wrists. In each class we will develop and progress through animalistic movements in functional linear and non-linear planes of motion.

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Evelyne Mocha Nyokangi
so much fun :)
Anne Aimery
Fantastic classes! Mychal is such an amazing instructor, kind and funny! Thank you so much +++
Ivana Spadafora
These classes were amazing! I loved moving closer to the ground and in a slightly different way than in traditional yoga poses. My quads were sore the next day…but this class left me amazed at how our bodies are limitless - if we tap into them. Mychal all I can say is : This was sheer AWESOMENESS! Pls give us more like this❤️!
fun, playful, and efficient
Pedro Montero
I´m from Germany and I loved doing the Primal motion lesson:) Its really hard, but i like to challenge myself and come back to my roots
Another amazing practice... Enjoyed a lot.
Danyell Peris
I absolutely love the way that Mychal breaks down these flows- very easy to follow and then to practice after at a faster pace even if felt led to! I am huge fan of his teaching style - the dialog he uses and the presence he brings (even through a screen) and this series has been added to my favorites. Thanks for more amazing offerings! Namaste'
Wow! Groundwork just got this 60-year-old going! I need this, especially for my knees. Sweating way too much for a deceptively hard workout!!! Dang you Mychal! LOL.
This started with the LEAST favorite pose - static beast. I hated that pose! And yet...I really like Mychal's approach to teaching, his demonstrative practice and the progressions. Sweating and taking it one progression at a time...and I did it all. Thank you Mychal. I don't hate the static beast anymore!
Just finished Groundworx. OMG! I do power yoga all the time but this got my heart pounding and sweat dripping! I growled and cursed a bit too . . .