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Comprehensive prenatal yoga program supporting all trimesters.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
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Initiating the Mother
45 Mins
All Levels

Initiating the Mother: A 40-Week Prenatal Yoga Program with Lauren Eckstrom is designed to support pregnant people through their first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy. Initiating the Mother is the most comprehensive prenatal yoga program ever created, and is the first prenatal yoga program to support people through the entirety of their pregnancy.

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Please could we do a series for people who are perimenopausal that would be amazing too Thankyou
Margrethe Blomsø
Thank you Lauren. I've now almost 6 weeks postpartum after given birth to a beautiful baby boy. This series meant the world to me, going through a both physically and mentally challenging pregnancy number two. I used the lessons learned and mindset during my labour, and was surprised by how much of the breathing exercises from all semesters that I suddenly remembered during the active phase of it.
Swarnalatha M
Love from India! Intense and gentle both at the same time. Thanks for keeping me active.
Hillary Menke
I will forever live in gratitude for this program. Began at the start of my second trimester and was able to stay true though to my daughter's birth day thanks to the nourishing flow of the schedule (and being able to practice in my own home, versus a yoga studio a drive away). I had never felt such trust and power in my own body and mind before. Labor was flowing and empowering, recovery was easeful, and I took those first steps into motherhood confident and already feeling connected to my little gal. Thank you for addressing both the physical and spiritual alignment blossoming mamas need, Lauren!
Annika Bantele
Hi Lauren, I wanted to thank you for this beautiful program. It has already accompanied me during my first pregnancy and today I took part in your program for the first time in my second pregnancy. I was able to really perceive my pregnancy today and accept that things are changing now and that's okay. Last time I had some problems with that, but I decided to enjoy this probably last pregnancy as much as I can. Thank you for these classes and also for all your programs that have accompanied me for years. You have significantly influenced my yoga and my way of teaching yoga, shaped my way of thinking and improved my life. Much love from Germany to you and Travis and all the other teachers here. I hope someday you will do some retreats in Europe (especially Germany)!
Elisabeth Herbner
Thank you for this practice! So far so good, I am really enjoying all the cues: physical, mental and emotional - very helpful during this time. Most everything is well thought out as far as the practice. I get the feel for inner dimension TV as I've been a subscriber for years and enjoy the site immensely. The one thing that may have been overlooked was decor - the barren look and dried flowers were a little off putting as someone going through fertility treatment to arrive at a place to be able to practice prenatal yoga.
Christina Singh
This programme was such a good preparation throughout my pregnancy. In the first trimester, I preferred doing my regular programme, but it was good to be informed about precautions. I have been more regular during the second and third trimester and appreciated the breathing exercises and yoga nitra sessions especially towards the end. I suffered pregnancy insomnia and listened to the yoga nitra sessions at dusk to get some energy for the day. Big thanks to Lauren!
Fantastic program by Lauren!! It's really helping me a lot through my pregnancy and I have a good feeling of being prepared for what's coming up during birth. I would love to also have a post-natal program (fourth trimester) to slowly build up strength again. Thank you!
Frankie Jones
Fantastic, informative and on point for moving mother and baby through the prenatal term. Inspiring and helpful if you are a teacher looking to improve your learning.
An Vo
Appreciate having your program along with my pregnancy. I wish you offer suggestions for growing discomfort in pubic symphysis toward the end of pregnancy, which is present for mine and very common for other mamas. Thank you for your hard work and devotion!
Becky Bryan
I bought the subscription to inner dimension TV purely for this program. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and this program has been so nourishing and supportive to my pregnancy journey. Thank you Lauren!!
Lauren, thank you! I am filled with gratitude. I look forward to this practice daily and miss it on my off days. I had the privilege of starting at 4 weeks 1 day, haha. I am now 7 weeks and 2 days and this practice has been a blessing. I look forward to growing with it, in all ways. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Namaste
Kathrine Stampe Vinther
Love this prenatal practice! Lauren is a great teacher - her practice has just the right amount of strength exercises and thought work. Thank you!
Ging Graham
Love this so much. I've only discovered this in my late 2nd trimester but I really appreciate it. Lauren is amazing. Thank you for creating such great flows, so easy to keep up with.
I started this program since finding out i'm pregnant. I am now 32weeks pregnant- and feel mentally ready more than ever. Thank you Lauren and Inner dimension team for prepping me not only physically but also mentally on this journey that could be very anxious and scary for some people like me! I LOVE inner dimension and wouldn't know what to do without it. I have been recommending this program to all my pregnant mama's to-be! Thank you Thank you!!
Nastja Petrova
The best prenatal yoga practice I have ever met! I started as of the 2nd trimester and now being in the 3rd trimester I enjoy doing it 5 to 6 times a week. I feel so happy I found it! Thank you Lauren XO
This program prepared me both mentally and physically for labor and I am so thankful for this practice. I feel empowered and highly recommend taking the time to do this.