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Find renewal with 'Fountain of Youth,' a 28-day yin yoga series filmed in Bali, offering 20-minute practices designed to hydrate fascia, enhance flexibility, and alleviate stress, with minimal instruction for a serene experience.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
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Fountain of Youth
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“Fountain of Youth” is a 28 day yin yoga series filmed in majestic Bali. Yin yoga has the potential to restore youthfulness in the body by promoting hydration in the fascia, improving range of motion, and decreasing the negative effects of stress. Throughout this series Travis will guide you through 20 minute practices.

The instruction is intentionally minimal meaning, Travis will provide key alignment cues and modifications and then an abundance of space to enjoy silence and the peaceful music. Each practice is unique helping you promote youthfulness throughout the entire landscape of the body.

Although yin yoga can be practiced anytime of day it is most optimal during the late afternoon or early evening.

Filmed at Komaneka at Bisma.

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I completed the 28-day Fountain of Youth Series today. I have thoroughly enjoyed many restful nights following each practice before bedtime. This series truly lives up to its name as the Fountain of Youth. During the belly frog pose, I felt rejuvenated like a baby again. Your calm voice, paired with the soothing music and yin yoga, transformed each 20-minute session into a delightful experience. Thank you so much Travis!
Even with erratic schedule, this practice fits. Clear improvement in flexibility and tranquility.
just-started-and-i-think-this-will-be-my-jam! sorry,my-space-bar-suddenly-stopped-working!
Amazing program! Amazing instructor! Each class melts away the tension of the day! Thank you Travis! You are a wonderful guide. 🙏
I absolutely loved this four week program. Every afternoon was set aside to do this 20 minute yin yoga practice. The music was incredible. I have actually been sleeping very well throughout this time. Thank you Travis 🙏
this has been so addicting to do at night thank you ❤️‍🔥 so calming for the soul and body
Iris Sovierzoski
Beautiful music in this series. Feel absolutely absorbed in the practice. Thank you!
I'm on Day 4 ... all practicesare a pure bliss... Upper Body Mobility done tonight is just perfect after a tough intense Swim Training ; A real bibble before diving into the night; Thank you so much
Caron Lynn
Absolute medicine for mind, body and soul!
Katia Deroide
Thank you so much for this Yin program. Just the right format for a daily practice!
First day was heavenly!! Did a 30 minute power yoga class then straight to the 20 minute Yin. Perfect!!!!
Renee Minor
Very relaxing with the sounds and music. No doubt this will be my evening yin series for the next 28 days ...ty
After Day 1, I think this may be my new "go to" yin practice. Long enough to allow a good mix of poses. Short enough to do on a daily basis and combine with other practices or forms of fitness. The music is spot on and the minimal instruction is perfect for sinking into a yin state of mind. I can't imagine a better addition to the growing body of work by Travis on Inner Dimension.