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"Flow & Go" with Travis: 10-minute, thematic yoga classes for busy days.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
10 Mins
Strong Flow
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Flow & GO
10 Mins
Strong Flow
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Welcome to the “Flow & Go” series with Travis! This series contains 10 classes that are 10 minutes each — so no matter how busy you are, you can still practice yoga. Each class is compact, thematic and action packed.

Whether you practice with one class or a combination of a few, we hope you enjoy the “Flow and Go” series on your busiest of days.

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Great series and perfect for rushed mornings
Fantastic!! This series is my go to for mornings when I waked up late or feel like my body just doesn't want to do anything. 10 minutes and I'm back to myself. The variety in the classes is also really good. Sometimes I do a 10 minute power followed by 10 minute detox and then yin and bam...tiny bites of bliss and 30 minutes fly by.
Love this series. Any hope for a 20 min series in the future? It would be nice to be able to work up to your 30 min programs or classes.
Perfect for a busy day. Absolutely love it. Thank you for all the programs you create, right on target, providing options for everyone. Excellent programs. Grateful.
Michael Kennedy
I love the quick sessions, I use them when I'm feeling like I need a bit more after taking another class.
Delicious small yoga bites, I savor them all!
Serena Vento
Love that you can slot these as 10 mins ‘power breaks’ in my work day! And so easy to do more than one and mix and match depending on mood!
Perfect at the end of an extra long day. Thank you.
Debra Suganuma
This series is awesome!!!! Thank you!
So glad these are finally here! I was looking for them in Travis' youtube and had a feeling they would be here when I couldn't find them.
THANK YOU!! I've been patiently waiting for these 10 minutes classes on here since I absolutely loved the ones on your YT channel. As I like to avoid going to YT (too much distraction there!) I really appreciate you have made the series available here. What I love is that it is nearly impossible to ever miss a day of yoga with these practices, and 10 minutes is still enough for a shift in wellbeing! ❤️