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Transform your body and mind with our 8-week Yoga journey, led by Travis Eliot. Become supple, flexible, strong, and calm.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
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Flexibility & Beyond
8 Week Program
60 Mins
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Welcome to the beginning of a transformative 8-week journey! In this introductory video, Travis will set you up for success by giving you an overview of the program. We are excited for you and can’t wait to begin.

Prepare to be supple and flexible in your body, and strong and calm in your mind.

May the Tao be with you.

While we recommend enjoying the entire program, you also have the option to enjoy each of the classes individually.

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I have no words to thank you for this remarkable deep program. I knew what yin yoga was, or at least I thought I knew. This program enabled me to subtly improve my physical flexibility and moreover to deepen my inner experience of yin yoga. It has revealed to me that Yin yoga corresponds and fulfils my body and soul needs. I am so grateful too for the generous bonus videos provided at the end of the program, which confirmed and enlightened my intuitive awareness of the benefits I already enjoyed. As a writer leaving in the big city of Paris, Yin yoga comes as a natural balm on the parasympathetic and spiritual embodiment of my artist way of living. And, as a result of this program, I am no longer shy of avowing this taste for this strong slowing discipline of yoga.
I have done this programme over and over again and every single time it delivers. I have said goodbye to my knee issues which have been a problem for some time, thank you so much it’s amazing!
Diane Davies
Thank you so much Travis - Sunday class sheer bliss! My second time with this programme and it's just so enriching and wonderful. Also, a big thank you to Ryan for his brilliant music in this series and all the others We are so lucky to have this quality of music for our yoga practice!
Leah Jolliot
What a wonderful journey. Thank you thank you. Love and light.
Marieyella Gellert
AMAZING !!! ❤️ 🫶🏻 Thank you Travis ! Thank you so much.
Can this be done in a row? So it's 4 weeks instead of 8? Or would it be bad for the body if I do it everyday?
Sandra Hormann
Simply thank you - sending you and the entire Inner-dimension Team love and light.
Zahro Khodjaeva
It is my first time trying Yin yoga and it was just amazing. Felt really good after each practice. After finishing all program I feel much more flexible than ever before. Thank you Travis and to all of your team member for your hard effort, for making all these available online so that we can easily access and train whenever and wherever we want!!
Josette Salan
I so needed that Yin,Travis Eliot, your guidance and words sooth my soul and connect me to source like no-one else. beautiful and special. I have never hurt myself under your instruction and never regret getting onto my yoga mat with you as my teacher. I'm a better person for your classes. A true master and poet. Thank you so much. Namaste
Maria Eugenia Diaz
Really amazing! I’ve already finished it and I’m thinking do it again! My flexibility, the way I breath in my fitness class now are much better than before the program. I have to confess that I love the Travis’s voice, is so calming that allows get relaxed along the video!
Alexe Hagen
This is the first time that I've left a review for a program on Inner Dimension and while there are many amazing programs on this platform, this one is by far my favorite. I'm a huge fan of yin and this program is near perfect. It touches every part of your body and isn't overwhelming. I've done it 4+ times and keep coming back to it. I hope that in the future, more yin classes like this one will be made because it's truly a gem on this channel.
Theodora Aina
I.am now very near the end of doing the Flexibility and Beyond Program for the first time. Before I began, I was very stressed out. I wasn't sure if it would make much of a difference. I am amazed at how doing the program has transformed me. I handle everything in my life so..... much better. When I finish the program, I will do it again and again and again. I am totally hooked. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this program and for also keeping it affordable. God Bless.
Marcella Cheung
These have been AMAZING and CRUCIAL to help me release, relax and resuscitate myself. Thank you for this gift Travis.
Artak Danieljan
Thank you!! These classes are phenomenal! I watched your Youtube channel for several weeks and I am so grateful that you’ve made this quality of yoga so affordable.Namaste :)
Michael Hindman
Wow. Foundation and the Taoist Meditation had me feeling amazing mentally and physically. Thank you Travis and all that help you.
I am almost at the end of the 8-week Flexibility and Beyond journey. I can't believe how much more flexible I am now than I was at the beginning. This course has quieted my mind and taken away arthritic pains. I no longer take daily pain meds and look forward to getting on the mat and calming my spirit. Thank you for sharing this with the world. It is amazing!
Carmen Bowers
I have no words to express what my hips are feeling right now after this practice. I am in emerged in tears of happiness, relief, pain-free, stress-free. It is surreal. May the TAO continue to enlighten each one of you at Inner Dimension. I am grateful beyond words and just appreciative of my higher for leading my spirit to find you. You are amazing, caring, professional, knowledgeable, and beautiful. Please keep up the excellent work and time that you put into it. Your overall practice is gentle and priceless!