Transform your mind and body with Empowerment Yoga - where Power Yoga meets the InnerGuidance System.
Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
No Props
Slow Flow
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Empowerment Yoga
60 Mins
No Props
Slow Flow
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Welcome to the Empowerment Yoga Series. This is where Power Yoga meets the InnerGuidance System, bringing personal development to the mat. The InnerGuidance System offers a deeply transformative and accelerated process for growth-minded people focused on greater fulfillment through personal development and collaborative relating.

This series is 28 days and includes 6 Power Yoga classes and one guided chakra meditation. You’ll repeat these classes weekly for 28 days. Be prepared to use your physical, mental, emotional, kinesthetic, and intuitive intelligence as we dialogue with ourselves throughout the practice. In this series, Byron encourages you to be vocal when prompted and to journal your thoughts throughout each class. Get ready to flow and unleash your inner self!

We suggest having 2 blocks, 2 bolsters and a blanket for this series.

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Mirja Serrao
Thank you Biron!! This series is a true Gem!
Geneviève Couture
Thank you Byron for this amazing class! I really enjoyed my practice at another level.
Karina Sanchez
I just took the first class and I loved it!! Totally disruptive, a way to connect with the unconscious and find our own answers. Thanks Byron. Thanks for adding diversity of styles. Just what I needed today <3, I look forward to the next classes.
Day 1 completed and I am hooked!! Thank you Byron I am looking forward t to he this series ! I took brakes to write in my journal knowing I have 4 weeks to complete this program. I love how you incorporate journaling and strong flow kinetic power yoga. You his program is exactly what I need right now !!! Thank you inner dimension tv for always providing the best yoga experiences -Namaste 🙏💕🙌🏻🥰
Byron, you never disappoint us! these flows are a real blessing, many many thanks.
Tanja Lakeit
This programm is a big gift for me. Thank you Byron!
Diane Davies
Thank you Byron - This is a wonderful series and I have gained so much from it. It has deepened and improved my daily practice as well as helped me on my way to connect back to my inner self. Lovely flute music at the end! Namaste!
Viktoria Werner
Wonderful Practice! I wanted to do the series for a while, started but switched to more " challenging" practices on IDTV ...but today i felt so restless in my mind but too tired for strength training and felt resistence to my go to-practices I made the Freedom practice and it calmed my mind! I connected to my heart, my mind and not once looked at the clock. Todays practice made me love yoga more! Thank u
Gentle and strong! Thank you for this practice!!!
Subhashini Mahadevan
Beautiful series!!!! Thank you Byron. I have just finished day 18 and hope to complete the series. It simply trusted the series and let go of everything else and the results are amazing!!!! The journey to myself, that I did not know I needed, has been eye opening.
Vicky Murua
Just done the first day and it was unique and special ... really loving it. Thank you <3
Just completed day 1. Byron this is an awesome practice. Deep, meaningful, searching, complete. In gratitude for your beautiful yoga offering. :)
David Kanno
David Kanno
Day four Courage, I had the Courage to do trhis class and to find trhe courage to be challenged and the courage to be me. Love the pipe David
David Kanno
love the practice it is so uplifting and gives you a well rounded practise
This series is one of the best practices of asana, mind, body and spirit. thank you from my heart. Namaste
Wendy Hesketh
I love this series, it is so different. I need trust and courage to hold the long poses.