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Empower yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and soulfully with daily thematic power and yin yoga classes.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
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30 Mins
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Being empowered is about self-mastery — it’s about reclaiming your inner power. Every day you will get on your yoga mat for approximately 20-30 minutes. Travis will guide you through thematic power and yin classes that empower you physically, mentally, emotionally, and soulfully!

As you move through this dynamic journey you can expect to increase strength, improve flexibility, decrease fat, and awaken to your full potential.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”
-Mark Twain

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I've done a lot of programs on IDTV, and this is probably my favorite. The practices are short enough that I can squeeze them into a busy day and are yet still physically challenging enough to where I feel I get a good workout. I also love that no classes are repeated—30 unique practices. So I'm always looking forward to finding out what's next. And as with all the practices on IDTV, I love the nuggets of wisdom thrown in. ❤️
I did this entire series on YouTube, which filled me with so much gratitude that I decided to join Idtv app. And I just renewed my 2nd subscription. This series is really powerful, transformed my body, and played a part in me giving up my gym membership. It’s just a much more sustainable exercise regime as I can do it every day, at home, when I have 30 min to spare. Thank you so much, Travis!
Travis is my hero. He has changed the way I see life daily by encouraging me to get on my mat, shape my breath and shape my mind. This programme is challenging yet doable for Intermediate yogis. Travis, I have not met you yet but you have had the greatest impact on my life. Thank you, Namaste 🙏
Nice combination of strength and balance!! Love Travis's 30 Minute workouts!!
Pascal Turgeon
Not much French here..! So... Merci Travis pour cette série, c'est l'accomplissement d'une 4ieme série sur Inner Dimension tv... Chaque fois que je choisi un programme j'apprends de nouvelles respirations, de nouvelles positions, de nouveaux défis et devient un meilleur Humain... Merci a vous tous, j'irai a un de vos séminaire... un jour.. From Quebec canada
Sarah Edgerton
This is my absolute favorite series. I am doing it for the third time and each time I learn something new about my yoga practice and myself. I love how each day is different and always seems to be exactly what I need. Thank you Travis!!
John Royce
I can't say enough good about this program! There is something incredible about this series that really makes a measurable difference in my strength and balance and how I feel. It's become my favorite all-time yoga practice and it's taught by a master. Thank you, Travis!
Annamária Szűcs
I simply love what you all do, especially you Travis. It is such a remedy for the body, mind and soul. Thank you so much!
Felix Lampe
Just completed it, and it has been amazing. Not always easy, but very rewarding. Thank you!
Another full circle - Empowerment II - The power of repetition - Travis, you are awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Just completed the Empowered series. I love that it was a different program each of the 30 days. I never knew what to expect so that kept it new. I was motivated to return to the teacher training series that I started but never completed. Feeling Empowered! Namaste.'
Thanks Travis! Greats series.
Just stumbled upon this series when searching for one of Travis' 30 minute classes - so excited to work through the full programme now after the first class!! Thanks Travis & team for another great series :)
John Royce
I love so many of Travis and the team's practices, but this one is something special for me. I actually feel an inner transformation and strengthening in a way I haven't experienced before. I've done it twice through and will continue to keep this program in my workouts from now until I can't do it anymore ... a date I believe will be farther away because of this fantastic program. Thank you Travis!
I absolutely love this program. The 30' min are so balanced, with the plus that it does not repeat so you don´t know what comes next, makes it perfect! I am day 27 and don´t want it to end. Thankyou travis and innerdtv!
Andi Hemann
Michael Kennedy
I love the 30 minutes and that it isn't just the same thing every 7 days. Downside is there is way too much yin yoga, eight out of 30 sessions.