Transform your mind and body with 28 days of Power Yoga, exploring the 7 elements and revealing your true self.
Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
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30 Mins
Slow Flow
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Power Yoga comes from the word EmPOWERment.  We must do the inner and outer work and approach our journey from a place of balance if we are to attain equanimity with a strong and flexible mind/body.  Deconstructing the elements one at a time allows us to fully embody our yoga practice and helps fine tune ourselves to be ready for whatever happens in life.

Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Light, Darkness, and Spirit are the 7 elements of focus in this 28-day Power Yoga series.  Each practice is about 30 minutes long and focuses on revealing aspects of ourselves that correspond with the element of the day.  Come prepared with a heart and mind that are ready to be blown wide open.

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became a fan of Byron in this series. this series was perfect for me as i slowly get back to my practice after giving birth.Thank you so much.
Subhashini Mahadevan
Thank you so much Byron!!! I smiled, I laughed, I cried and I thoroughly enjoyed the past 28 days on the mat. The fire class was the most challenging, the earth class was grounding, the light class lifted me up and the water class was simply beautiful. Definitely hope to return to this series. Namaste.
I completed this for the second time. I'd love to see a longer series with Byron.
Elements is a powerful series with shorter sequences. I resonated with Earth, but every practice was a gift. Thank you.
Christine Anhut
an amazing series, thanks,dear Byron. will come back often
Vicky Gray-Clark
I love Byron's welcoming demeanor, creative sequences and great cues. He is hands down one of my favorite instructors on Inner Dimension TV!!! Thank you and Namaste.
Robin Schroeter
I love this series. Had some emotional releases happening after the first week. That felt really good. I would love to see a 1-hour per class version of this series! Thank you, Byron.
Gali Niv
Great Fire class
Laura Molfetas
Fire was amazing. Great class and work out! I can’t wait to do rest of series!
Debra Suganuma
This whole series is SO good! So much packed into 30 minutes and can be combined with another class or one of Travis' 10 minute classes to get just what you need in a minimal amount of time. IDTV is the best!!!!!
Siofra Collins
Just finished the first day - love it. Cannot wait for the rest. Thank you, Byron ! I always enjoy your classes.
1st of June, 1st fire class... I'm on fire - Thanks, Byron
I am really enjoying this! Byron's cuing is excellent and there are some movements I have never done before. I started this and Lauren's The Program at about the same time. I'm really enjoying them both. Very refreshing and different.
Dear Byron .. Thank you for a challenging and unique program. The exercises are creative and deep..every workout I did two lessons together. I felt amazing afterwards..I enjoyed it so much. Wow .. you are a great teacher!
Alexandra Smyth
Amazing first day of FIRE in Elements of Power Yoga! Byron is an incredible teacher. Looking forward to spending the next 27 days with him guiding me through this journey to emPOWERment!