Building a Healthy Spine for Life

Build a resilient spine with Christine Turrentine's 5-class series, focusing on mobility, strength, and energetic balance.
Led by: Christine Turrentine
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
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Building a Healthy Spine for Life
20 Mins
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Building a Healthy Spine for Life is a 5-class series with Christine Turrentine which will give you tools to build a resilient spine through spinal mobility, strength, and energetic balance.  Each class is 20 minutes in length with 3 power practices and 2 gentle practices.

Through practices addressing the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine you will build on the themes of grounding, spinal mobility and self-acceptance.  Learn why mobility is important, why building a stable and healthy core is key, and how finding balance of energetic chakra centers is important to creating a healthy spine.

Also included is a guide to reducing inflammation in your body, which is key to vitality.

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Loved it just what I needed this morning, quick but effective and your peaceful nature is so felt!
This is me first class I did with Cristine, I got just today one year cause I courios to practice this serie healty spine. Thank you Adriano 🏴‍☠️
Eliza Turkiewicz
I love your inner peace, Christine :) It makes those classes so wonderful :))
Susan Heyward
Incredible series! Short, challenging and with immediate results, I was so surprised at how quickly my body responded! Thank you Christine!
Evelyne Mocha Nyokangi
my back body thoroughly enjoyed that practice. thank you christine.
Toni Pescud
Loved it thanks Christine :)
Naziha Haroon
This is the first series I've been so dedicated and committed to, its short, sweet and effective. Thank you Christine!
Mila Naumova
thank you Christine
Wonderful series, thank you Christine.
Jennifer Cevik
Wonderful, thank you very much Christine.
This program is perfect for those of us with jobs that require a lot of sitting. My back feels amazing again! Thanks, Christine!
Caron Lynn
The first two practices were pure medicine for my spine. Cannot wait to complete the series. Peace, aroha (love) and light to you, Christine.
Thank you Christine. It was short and sweet. My spine thanks you too! Loved it.