A Life of Gratitude

Awaken gratitude with 20-minute power yoga practices guided by Lauren on Inner Dimension TV.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
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A Life of Gratitude
20 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels

Gratitude is medicine for the soul but like any skill it takes practice, patience and compassion to grow this muscle. In this 3 class series, Lauren guides you through 20-minute thematic power yoga practices to open your heart, mind and body with dynamic movement, creative flows and the inspiration to help you awaken to a life of gratitude.

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Linda Pierce
I am grateful for all your wonderful classes Lauren. They always bring me joy and make my day better.
Hannes Brandl
I just can say that this practise is so wholesome! Thank you!
Nadine Korpus
great power yoga but too hectic for me personally to really feel the gratitude..maybe the lessons should have been longer to be able to do that?
That's another beautiful wrap - gratitude challenged! - was playful and insightful. Thank you! Let us continue the journey, advent calendar -gratitude style! Much love much health much wealth to you. Thank you!
Fun sequencing!
Shashi Smit
thank you! such a nice practice again
I can only say one thing: thank you Lauren!
What a beautiful and purposeful practice. I am so excited and ever so greatful, to have begun this journey. Lauren, you have a gift and how lucky we are to share in it!
Veneta Merdzhanova
Powerful First Class. I had some incense lit up and candle light, did it as an evening practice. It was so magical! Thank you!
Jenna Andersen
I'm rebuilding my strength after 2 years of struggling with low-capacity in my daily life. I ended the first video in this series feeling deep gratitude and new hope for what my body is capable of. Thank you for making these shorter practices, your Meditation in Motion series was the first flow I have been able to do since I spent time bedridden. A Life in Gratitude is my next stepping step in rebuilding my strength and capacity.
Pamela Musso
So grateful to practice yoga with you! Thank you!
Mary Iso
Thanks Lauren, it was joy indeed. In the couple of months I didn't have time and energy for my yoga practice but now I feel I'm missing my daily practice and it just felt so good, like old days.
Anthony Pang
great 20 mins!