360 Core

Strengthen your core and increase mobility with Mychal's dynamic yoga series.
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
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360 Core
20 Mins
All Levels

Connect to your true core and find your greatest strength with Mychal’s core-focused series. Target your core from all angles! You’ll move through static holds, variations, and progressions to help build long-lasting core strength and increased mobility.

This practice is not recommended for pregnant students.

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I love the pace & variety of poses. Great for me, as I am learning so much. Thank you for these practices, Mychal!!!!!
Subhashini Mahadevan
Thank you so much Mychal!!! I can sense subtle changes in my core and shoulder strength. I hope to do this series again sometime soon. Namaste.
Chandni Khetia
I just finished my 28-day series and I have to say before I started this series, my waist size was 31 and as of today, it's 27. Thank you Mychal for creating such an amazing program. I'm definitely doing a second round! Sending you lots of gratitude and appreciation all the way from Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 . Namaste 🙏
Carmen Bowers
Finally, on day 22 of this awesome core journey, I took this class, "ANIMALISTIC" by storm, and I am happy to say to you Mychal, I am starting to like you now. Needless to say that in the beginning of this journey, I wasn't happy with you :-). I adapted Wayne dyer's amazing quote " Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at, change". It is true to me and it is transforming my life as a whole. Now, when I log in to 360 Core, I look at Mychal and I say to myself: there is the man that is helping strengthen my core. A big thank you to the 3 beautiful and strong ladies as well, you make it look effortless. Keep up the excellent work. Namaste!
Bojan Majkic
A little masterpiece :)
ZhiHui (Judy) Chen
Love this program! So far, this is my fav! However, the OFF days make the completion chart not 100% though ....
Ruth Henriquez Lyon
I just finished day 3, and I am intrigued with these sets of movements. So far I don't like them while I'm doing them, but I can tell they are activating parts of my body that have been unused before now. I plan to go through all of the classes, then repeat until these movements feel more natural and less uncomfortable. Thank you Mychal.
Małgorzata Kopyra
I love this program to pieces and have already completed it a couple of times. However, I cannot get 100% as the days off are somehow not counted. This must be a technical glitch but it does affect my sense of achievement :). Would be great if this could be solved!
Loved it! It is not only core excercises but a lot of movility that I´ve seen helped me improve in my regular practice. I just finished day 27 and will keep coming back
andrea durie
loved the incredible flowy movement and strength this class embodied, it was very primal and I think the instruction was so articulate, thoughtful and creative, can not wait for the rest of this exciting 28 day commitment!
nice. but make 28 days, every day different programm, would be more fun )
Sorry but day 1 was awful. It was just all over the place and didn't find it enjoyable at all!
This is a great abs program. I am glad that to be part of this.
Love this program! Creative and challenging moves that work the core from every angle.
Tina Ivanova
I just finished day 27... I feel great and I will be starting this program again soon. Loved every day of it.
I am 3 days away from the end of the series and I am already thinking of incorporating it again to my evening routine. The first round felt awkward and I found it a bit technical. I had to really understand the exercises, but once I got the movement, I realize how intense and deep it is and how efficient. It's not the standard core routine also that punishes your lower back and leaves you in pain. It's thoughtful, caring and impactful. Thank so much, Mychal, for putting this together!!
I love, love this program. I have seen such amazing progress in my core strength which improves every other practice that I do. Mychal has really put effort to create these short but extremely efficient classes that don't put a strain on your spine as regular crunches do. Please, can we have more like this program? Thank you, Mychal, for the support and guidance. :)