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Holistic Yoga Flow
Yin and Restorative Yoga
(Part 4: 50HRS)

34 Lectures and 12 Practices

Welcome to the 50 hour training on “Yin & Restorative” yoga.

Over the course of this training you will deepen your understanding and practice of Yin & Restorative yoga. This comprehensive training includes extensive lectures, yin & restorative practices, and assignments to help you absorb this knowledge in a deep and lasting way. At the end of the training you will also receive a certificate of completion authorized by Inner Dimension Academy. During our time together, we look forward to learning and growing!

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What People Are Saying

Janet Fowler
What a wonderful experience. The master classes were so beautiful. Thank you Travis and Lauren for making this available to everyone. It really will change the way you think about Yin and Restorative classes, especially if your one who think they might not be for you. I believe we all need this in our daily lives. Namaste, Janet
Helen Abera
Thank you for great training of Holistic Yoga Flow ! I am very grateful and Honored to be trained by Lauren & Travis ! Thank you again Helen Abera.
It was a great opportunity that enriched my daily balance, practice, and teachings. Yin and Restorative Yoga are my favorite spaces of happiness where I find calm, joy, relaxation, and restoration. Thank you Lauren and Travis for this experience and teachings.
Martina Scherer
I loved the YIN part and will definitely start teaching now after the training, I just love it and the training strengthened my belief in the healing and nourishing practice of YIN. The only thing that I would have liked more of, is the discussion of poses with alignment cues, benefits and how the can be classified as forward bend, backward bent, etc. to feel more comfortable in designing my own classes. Thank you and will continue to practice with you guys!! Love it!
Solaf Azzam
I had been teaching yin yoga almost for 7 years most of my teaching was inspired by Travis. And always wanted to attend training with him. This training this year came just at the right time. And the restorative was just what I need right now. Thank you Lauren and Travis for the good work and sharing your experiences. A lot of love
Steph Cano
I loved this training ! Every time a masterclass is done I have the feeling of my steps going in the right direction. Every time a finish a course it is like turning the last page of a very good book: Happy and somehow sad that is is already over. I will take my time to do some of these sessions over and over again. Thank you Lauren & Travis for sharing this wonderful experience with us ! Hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day face to face. Namaste.
This training was a gift for me. Even if I am a yin teacher and teach every week I learn a lot again and the restorative was just what I need right now. Thank you Lauren and Travis for the good work and sharing your experiences. I wish I could come to Bali in Oct as I know you will be there Byron told me when I first met him in Ubud. Take care. Lots of 💕
Roshni Gajjar
This modality is a magic mat into samadhi. Thank you Travis & Lauren for sharing these teachings with such open hearts, inspired love and soulful wisdom. Much gratitude to you. Namaste.
Nevenka Lotric Puharic
Thank you for an excellent Holistic Flow Teacher Training ( Yin and Restorative) Nevenka

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