You Have Time For This

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.<b>You Have Time</b> For This.
You Have Time For This
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
15 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
15 Minutes

In this basic morning flow you will move through a single standing flow combining twists, external rotation, balancing postures and hip openers ensuring each part of your bodily chain is awakened before you start the day. I promise, you have time for this even on your fullest day.  

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Just hearing Lauren repeating, "You have time for this," was what I needed to give myself some attention and comfort. I come back to this class often to just unburden from the weight of the world. Thank you so much, Lauren.
a perfect practise for a day with a full schedule ahead; a reminder to slow down and be present. Thank you Lauren!
Sarah Diehl
I LOVE this one!!! More please Lauren!!!!
Love the flow and 15 minutes like this . You always have a very good reminder for us , Lauren . Love you my teacher ❤️
I love this flow. Really perfect for hectic days. Thanks Lauren!
Glyka Dedeoglou
Very nice!! Thank you.
Amazing thoughtful and creative flow. Thanks for this; always need a short flow after a brisk walk or run!
I love this class. Lauren is my fave instructor for any yoga. Thank you!
Super. And slow flow. Thank you Lauren
There are times when even finding 15 minutes becomes difficult and yet you would not want to pass your day without showing your gratefulness to your body..This sweet short practice is just perfect. Even in 15 minutes you take the stress out of your body. Grateful for these sweet 15 minutes Lauren! Namaste.
Marianne Gravel-Poiré
Great for a 15 minutes practice!!
Short and sweet! Thanks, Lauren. I always do long practices (but today I didn't have time for one) and this has totally made it!! I already feel connected, my body is warm and I am ready for an amazing day!
Debra Suganuma
So brief......and soooo good! Thank you!
This was perfect, thank you - 15 unrushed minutes to slow down and find flow in my busy mind & day <3