Yin Back Line

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.Yin <b>Back Line</b>.
Yin Back Line
Led by: Paul Teodo
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
45 Minutes

This super gentle Yin class combines myofascial release massage with soft holds targeting the superficial back line of the body. It’s a fantastic practice for releasing tension in the body, literally from head to toe.

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oh My God! i really needed this class, i so love it, it goes deep into my knots without having to move much. i am so grateful to have found this class. i have been on IDTV for 3 years now and this class is one of a kind. it really allows me to release tension and, yeah, need to do it at home, alone, as the noises of pleasure and good pain can be quite...misinterpreted (sorry neighbors!). so thank you, thank you, thank you!
Brad Stephenson
After deciding that I was going to do this series, I invested in two pairs of these massage balls (of different intensities) and OMG THANK YOU for introducing these to me. I was seriously beginning to wonder if I'd collapsed both arches in my feet as they were in so much pain but after doing 15 mins on each with one of these balls they feel 70-80% healed. This is now a daily practice of mine. The balls along the sides of the spine in this class were also a revelation. Am so glad I was doing this class at home by myself as the noises I was making were pretty wild haha. Genuinely can't thank you enough for thinking outside of the box with your classes and introducing tools that most yogis wouldn't even know about. Namaste.
A really interesting practice and good for working out the tension Thank you Paul
I am so grateful that I have browsed and found bout all your sessions. Just at the right moment. My upper leg is hurting , but probably because of a nerve problem at the lower back. I run and weight some weights (not heavy lifting) . Even if I am lucky to be elastic, I have a tendency to hurt my back. Then I found your classes and slowly , but surely they help me to heal..and some deep yin yoga classes of Travis. I have done 4 rounds of LevelUp 108 and other classes of Lauren and Travis. Your classes are really perfect for this moment and I will do them always after healing completely as well. My fave has been the power Circles and Waves , but then I loved the Power back and Yin Back classes as well. Thank you so much Paul
WHOA. This class is BLISS. I'm pretty sure I released tension in my back, neck, and feet that's been there for a very long time... I had a hard time keeping my eyes open because the tension release was so real. Thank you, Paul!
I want to surgically attach these myofascial balls to my body. Never have I ever felt such incredibly healing release. Thank you, Paul! Thank you Jesus for Paul!😉
suzanne willems
Wow! Amazing, exactly what my body needed. Thank you
Martha Ledesma
WOW!! I feel AMAZING after this practice!! I am truly committed to this practice Thank you Paul!!
Vera Antonio
Thank you Paul! the body appreciates every inch from this practice. You are also funny i love all your classes, and you played guitar in the end of the class during Shavasana, so good!
I slept so well after this. Absolutely committed to this series. Seeing tremendous benefit after years of struggle with tissue restriction. Thank you Paul