Arm Balances
& Inversions

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.Arm Balances <br/>& <b>Inversions</b>.
Arm Balances
& Inversions
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

It’s not what you do, is how you do it that matters most. Drop your attachment to achieving certain poses. Step away from what you think “should” be happening and accept what is actually happening. These are the lessons that alleviate suffering by learning to accept the present moment. This practice will present you with the opportunity to explore arm balances and inversions.

It will also present you with the opportunity to choose what is right for you in any given moment, on any given day with the understanding that day-to-day, week-to-week what you need will not be the same. Be open to possibility each and every time you repeat this practice. And over time, through the power of repetition, you will learn that true confidence does not arise from external validation, yoga postures or achievement. It arises when you are courageous enough to look inside yourself for the answers and connect with the truth within. 

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This was absolutely incredible. Lauren, thank you so much for your constant expansion as a teacher. I've been practicing with you for so many years and every class is a new treat, a new exploration; your teachings never feel stagnant. I see your dedication and I am deeply grateful to your influence on my days and my practice. Thank you, namaste 🙏
Mary Jean Monk
Great Class... jjust what i needed to get this day movong :)