Working With Difficult Emotions

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.<b>Working With</b> Difficult Emotions.
Working With Difficult Emotions
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Wisdom Talks
10 Mins
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Wisdom Talks
10 Minutes

Part of being human means carrying a vast range of emotions, including difficult ones such as anger, shame and guilt. In this talk, Travis shares the powerful formula of R.A.I.N., which will help you navigate periods of intense emotions. 

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Marianne Gravel-Poiré
Thank you very much for this technique and all of the detox 30 program so far. I love it and I feel it's really concrete help that you are both giving us.
This was an absolutely fabulous and enlightening talk! This is where the soul of the series lies! Namaste
Hi Travis - Lisa here from Hove, England - had seen RAIN a number of times but had never understood what it meant - thanks so much for the wonderful descriptive explanation - you're absolutely right - we hold so many emotions which can be quite exhausting to keep in side - your talk really helped me to understand a positve way of opening up these feelings and in many cases .... just letting them go ... what a relief! Keep smiling ... keep safe x