The Two Buckets
of Stress

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.The Two Buckets <br/>of Stress.
The Two Buckets
of Stress
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
Wisdom Talks
10 Mins
Wisdom Talks
10 Minutes

Stress falls into 2 buckets, one that serves you and one that doesn’t deserve you. Stress can have a positive or a negative impact on your life and it all comes down to perspective. In this wisdom talk Lauren weaves stories, research and practical practices for how you can learn to better navigate the inevitable stresses of being human in a way that serves your whole life.

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Stephanie Berlin Gagnon
I found this talk very valuable. I have slowly recovered from PTSD that I got in 2018 from trauma that occurred with the birth of my daughter: Medical malpractice, unethical and/ or incompetent medical staff, widespread corrupt hospital administration, brazen HIPPAA violations. To my huge surprise no one cared -- not the Assistant DA. Could not even talk to the DA because his office was only concerned with political shenanigans. None of the agencies I spoke with. None of the lawyers I called. I have found nothing particularly helpful since -- although I would never have another child in New York City or even NY State again. You mention that stress can 'inform your values.' I did ruminate and wish that this evil had never happened. I can't erase any of the harm. Not that new mothers should have to but, from this wreckage I do know that I am a really good person who will give everything to protect and fight for the ones I love. Knowing this brings me a measure of peace.
Andrea Nelson
Loved this! My new watch words for 2023... Positive Stress :-) Thank you Lauren
Jennifer Cevik
Thank you Lauren
Olivia Liang
You make me feel that words have power.
Lam Anh Tran
I would love to listen the meditation but can you set subtitles on please.
Mylène Tassy
I love that you are bringing more wisdom talks into the mix. This one is so spot on and I have played many of your previous talks over and over again when driving to work. Please continue, your talks matter - both you and Travis.
This gave me the greatest "aha" moment ever and things change - now
I remember it again and I want to live by it. Thank you so much. Namasté. Nina
Anita Essig-Knop
Namaste - beautiful
Pamela Musso
Nicely said! Thank you!