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. Potential.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Wisdom Talks
10 Mins
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Wisdom Talks
10 Minutes

In this wisdom talk, Travis discusses the idea of POTENTIAL. From seeds of potential in nature to the unlimited potential of the human being, this inspiring talk weaves together stories, philosophy, and spirituality.

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Laura Sophie Kohlberger
Trank you! I needed to hear that.
Lina Boutaleb
This is just what I needed. Life is challenging. I for one move through many winding roads ... but as you have said ... embrace these curve balls ... learn from them .. and move on. You can only get stronger. Thank you Travis. Namaste Lisa B
Trina ioviero
Thank you for this wisdom; I especially took in heart the repetative "imperfections", as the clay was worked over and over again, with the superior results of the final piece completed. Beautiful. Namaste
Thanks for the beautiful, inspirational talk! It's great to be reminded of the multiple gifts of yoga and how to use this discipline to confront one's fears and challenges to unlock one's true potential.
Anita Essig-Knop
So much ancient wisdom told in a modern way. Wonderful! Please do more of it. I learn every day from you and Lauren. You both are outstanding yoga teachers.
Amy Young
This is exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you for sharing such profound wisdom.
Thank you, Travis for this thought provoking reminder. It was much needed... Please do more! Namaste