Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This might be one of the most fun flows during the Level Up 108 program. You’ll move through creative sequences and explore pose variations that will leave you feeling like a yoga ninja. This class will move vitality in all directions and every cell in the body will be pulsating with aliveness.

mutlu dinckok
I had forgotten about the hopswitch haha not as challenging as other level up 108 classes thank god over all
Andreea Dora
fluid, strong and accesible😊💪🏼
Shashi Smit
Oh my God, this sequence is Godly. I feel so rejuvenated after this practice, it's like I am reborn. I can feel energy dazzling around my body. It was amazing. Thank you Travis.
How many calories does one session burn?
I really enjoyed this class. Great sequence!
Absolutely amazing class. Thank you so much 🙏 Your teaching is a gift to all of us who practice with you. Can you please add more 60 minute videos at this level of intensity to Inner Dimension TV? 🙏
That was so fun! One of my favorites. THANK YOU for always making me feel like a Yoga Ninja and sharing your gift with us.
Been a HUGE fan of Travis for years (my cousin would visit from CT and we would always go to his local classes). He is simply the best and this class was amazing. Great flow, great music. Helped naturally find my breath and very much needed in these crazy times ;). Thank you Travis!
I really, really, really LOVE this sequence! <3 Thank you, Travis & Team!
Great steady flow, solid sweat and stretch.
The first time I have managed to complete a whole 'power yoga' level up class - yay! Feel great - really enjoyed this class - thank you!!
The sequence and the music especially made my day! One of the best for sure! Thanks Travis!