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Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
45 Minutes

It’s time to turn inward. In this Yin Yoga practice, we will focus on the Kidney and Bladder meridian duo which helps us open up to introspection, reflection and letting things “flow.” This practice centers around the Water element within our being and focuses on the inner and back side of the legs, low back as well as moving energy alongside our spine.
Props: 2 blocks, 1 bolster, 1 blanket

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Robby Beauchamp
Perfect way to wind down the day. Thank you for the wonderful class.
My absolute favourite in this Yin series so far, what a delicious class by goddess Brittany. Sooo good for the legs and back, thank you!!
A wonderful Yin practice that guides in a gentle way with easy-to-follow cues and insights offering thoughtful wisdom.