Vinyasa 101

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.<b>Vinyasa</b> 101.
Vinyasa 101
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Looking to learn the basics of vinyasa yoga? This practice has you covered. With an emphasis on linking the breath with a handful of basic postures and transitions, this class will give you all you need to get you up and running and help you find your flow.

No props needed

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Nice Thanks!
This was a great class. Very easy instructions and super simple to follow.
Thank you - sweet reminders of the movements and breath. I loved it.
Sara Bassega
Perfetta per aprire la giornata! Grazie Brent per questa pratica!
Perfect Vinyasa class. Thank you
Outstandig teacher enables fantastic introduction. Enjoyed it also as advanced Yogi :)
Fantastic back to basics! Can't wait to integrate this.
Thank you for this great refresher for me!
Good teaching!? 👏 Adriano🇮🇹
It never hurts to have a lesson. I loved this practice. Brent's style of teaching is quite engaging and guidance on these basic poses with the associated breathing is something to focus upon and learn so well it becomes part of the practice automatically.
Thank you! Really appreciated this class. Very accessible and just what I was looking for. Perfect music ( & volume to voice) too!
This is the perfect "101" Vinyasa class. Brent is informative and teaches all levels are capable of learning flow-movements as well correctly breathing in sync with each pose.
A very inviting and non-intimidating practice, great for beginners!
Back to the basics! What a very good session, to show us how important it is to breathe in sync with the movements, and also tell us that everyone of us can do yoga, whatever our level in the discipline. Very good, precise and cool teacher, Brent leads us to a nice and helpful session. Thank you 💛