Upper Body

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.<b>Upper</b> Body.
Upper Body
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
60 Minutes

In yin yoga, the hips, pelvis and spine typically get the most attention. BUT, this practice was designed to share the healing yin energy with your neck, shoulders, wrists and chest. Your entire upper body is going to love this class.

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CLaire Davidson
I have been suffering from intense neck and shoulder pain for months, after just this one session I can feel it draining away. This will definitely be a regular practice for me. Thank you Travis for another great session
Julie Bourbeau
Outstanding. My injured shoulder feels better than it has in weeks after this one.
I really needed that upper body stretch today = great class thank you
Chris Gia
Great to have a more upper body focus- especially for those of us who tend to neglect this area! Thank you for a great class, Travis!
my favorite class ! my tense shoulders feel so at ease after this 1 hour practice. I will add it to my routine at least one week .
Thks Travis. incredible good. removed my headache / shoulder tension. :)
Phoebe Liong
it's not easy looking for yin classes that can really hit the traps and shoulder blade knots, but this is just perfect! thank you Travis and team
Claudia Gabler
Wonderful Yin class, my upper body says Thank You, too!
Jannicke Roll
Amazing 60 min upper body practice! Thank you Travis for being a wonderful and true human! Forever grateful and happy!
Very good relaxing class with a focus on upper body stretch. Travis, thank you!
Great way to loosen up
Super strong practice leaving you exhausted and wrung out. Thanks, it was much needed.
Looooooved it.... My fav part is the two last stretches.. hope you’ll make a lesson with more of that kind of “complicated” back stretches.
Perfect for upper body stress and tightness. One of my favorites.