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Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

This 30 minute practice invites you to tap into the energy that lifts you up! It’s important to remain grounded in our lives, but it’s equally important to keep a light-hearted sense of ease as we move through our days. Take some time today to release stagnation and bring an easeful, uplifted energy to your mind, body & spirit.

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Just revisited this class, its wonderful. Brittany gets in so many poses in a short period of time, yet it never feels rushed. Lovely, lovely class - challenging, sweet and uplifting. Thank you.
Nicole Villapiano
Nice class. I like the transition variations, took a little while to get going but the last warrior flow was fun. Overall not especially strenuous but well taught and a nice stretch for the hamstrings.
Really lovely 30 min practice! It was full and complete without ever being rushed. Love the slow beginning and the flows. Thank you!
Brittany knows how to make the most of 30 minutes on the mat! Loved this practice, challenging and creative.
Like the transitions--Brittany leads a good flow
Great class, as always. I've said before, Brittany never disappoints. This was the perfect 30 minutes class for me to do after work, when I knew I needed to do something, but didn't want to put in a full hour. Loved it. Thank you, Brittany. Namaste.
This is just what I needed today. If you're looking for a nice active stretch through the hamstrings, I highly recommend.
I thought it was a good short class, lots of leg flow. Great cues. Namaste
Solid class. Some nice flowing warrior transitions. Felt good on my legs.