Strength of Body

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.Strength of Body.
Strength of Body
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
No Props
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

The measure of our practice is not how strong we become but how stable we become off the mat. While this power yoga practice will be physically demanding the goal is not to tone your body, burn the most calories or change you in any physical way. Instead, the intention is to use the body as a catalyst for steadiness, full presence, and an enduring living practice.

Blocks are optional for this practice.

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This was even more challenging than I expected, but I loved it! I know people will say “this was my favorite practice” freely about many practices, but I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best practices I have ever done in several years of yoga. Thank you, Lauren!
Judy Pawlick
I just love this one! Challenging, and so thoughtfully and compassionately delivered. What a wonderful dose of medicine, physically, mentally and spiritually. I do almost the entire practice with my eyes closed. Thank you, Lauren, for all that you give!
Wow what a great practice! Thank you Lauren!
Great practice Lauren. I was on the fence about renewing my membership, this practice made my decision easy. Thanks!
This was incredibly epic 😭😭😭😭 so much appreciation for you Lauren and your teaching, thank you thank you thank you ❤️
Fabiana Lisco
Thank you for inspiring me to reach clarity of thought, thoughtfulness of speech and for consistency of action.
suzie ross
Highly recommend! What a wonderful practice. I took on some of the sequence's challenges with an open mind and heart and feel really wonderful all over. Thanks Lauren!
What a great practice! Beautifully sequenced, it felt fresh and familiar at the same time. I was constantly challenged, but in a way where I continually felt I was able to meet that challenge. Suggestions for modifications throughout, which is always great. Personally, I must admit I prefer live recorded guidance over overdubbed. It feels more immediate and present to me when it's live, more as if I'm there with the teacher. On the other hand, the voice over guidance gives the practice a calmness and focus. In any case, a great practice. Thank you, Lauren!
Chris Gia
Thank you, Lauren. Your calming and clear guidance through a physically challenging flow was great. The core message of this practice was very much needed :)