Tricks and Kicks

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.<b>Tricks</b> and Kicks.
Tricks and Kicks
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Functional Fitness
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

In this 45-minute class we will take a power journey preparing the body for Ardha Chandra Chapasana, as well as a personal favorite, the Side Kick Through.

Props: 1 block

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Renee Minor
Very energizing and challenging. Super class with clear instruction.
Sabine Bühn
Rebeca Mejía Herrada
What a great practice Mychal!!! My body feels amazingly strong and my mind is quiet and calmed!! Bring on some more!!
What an energizing class to start the day! Mychal delivers always, especially with is core challenges (that ecstatic beast is always a killer!), this time combined with some spine flexibility, shoulder strength and balance. A beautiful class with a bit of everything to set you up for a gorgeous day! Thanks again, Mychal!!
thank you, that was such a fun practice! Loved it!
Mychal, I really enjoyed the pacing, music and moves in this practice! Very different fun!
Great class! Felling light and energized!
loved this class, the sequence, the cues, the very balanced flow. Great teacher!
Thank you for your leadership in this practice. Your cues are right on, and the pacing was even and balanced with breath. Nice work Mychal. This was my first practice with you leading. I have seen you among the class members in Travis's classes. It's fun to see you step up to the teacher role. Your personal practice is revealed only subtlety here and I appreciate that you are modest with your gifts -- although secretly I'd like to see you cut loose and show us your stuff! :-)
Michal, I love your class!!!! This class makes me feel good as we are all facing so terrible time, and I agree more classes with primal movement and a program would be great, I will come back to this one like the other ones. Thank you for this channel Travis. Love from France, lockdown 2 day 8 Pascale
WoooooooooooW... so interesting, fun and engaging. Loved it <3
I am doing my 2nd cycle of LevelUp 108s but since I find Mihael's closest to Travis' classes I wanted to try it. Building up climaxing in the end, but proving that that slow beginning -done well- just moves up right away the energy. Good strengthening for the legs the hovering beast side kicks. Thanks Micheal. Alice
Thank you very much! I love the flow along with the music! Agree with Teress, a program on this would be lovely!
love it ! :) great class for core and balance, please do more, maybe a program will be amazing. Sending gratitude and love . From Virginia Teresa
Bravo grazie!?👍 Adriano 🇮🇹
I loved it . As a beginner in difficult poses . It was easy to follow and well explained.
Fun class, slow start, and end in a flurry. Should be easy to do for beginners as well. Glad we got a new class after election day