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Led by: Erin Rose Ward
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

The process of grief often comes with a range of emotions, some of which are overwhelmingly intense and come with heaviness. Turn to this practice to skillfully work with grief by stoking your Agni (sacred fire) and help metabolize your emotional experience so that you can release what does not serve your healing journey. Two blocks are recommended for this practice.

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I remember when this series came out and I was somewhat hesitant to "go there" with grief. So I put it off. Tonight I am here out of necessity- and a pull, I believe, from my beloved to "come HERE". My partner passed away two days ago, and I am DEVASTATED, grief sick, heartbroken...trying to put my yoga into practice while also giving myself grace in this weird, painful, purgatory-like state I have been in. Neither here nor there...This practice, and Erin, are EXACTLY what my heart needed and my soul desired-to have a window into Jonny and connect, slow down, let the wild and relentless thoughts tumble out. I can't tell you what I moved thru asana wise, but I moved thru energy and breath and made space for a little comfort. Thank you, Erin. Jonny, I love you Chuisle 💚
Renee Minor
I love all of your practices...the style, pace, wisdom, and your radiance! ty
This was really nice, and with the personal style of Erin. I like the fast pace at the reps. If only it could last more!
An interesting practice and group of asanas and seemed a decent workout and quite relaxing at the same time - really nice. I also very much like Erin's proper lead in for the poses and guidance - sometimes lacking in other teachers' videos Thank you Erin 🙏
Fabienne moreau
energizing practice with plenty of moments to feel what's happening inside. Loved it. Thanks Erin :-)
Miriam M. Hlavaty
Beautiful practice when you are moving through something difficult in life. This really supports my process at this moment <3
Gali Niv
Very good and enjoyable Thank you
Really sweet, healing practice as I journey through grief.
Felix Conrad
Started of a somewhat mediocre but got pretty good towards the end