Total Body Stretch

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.Total Body Stretch.
Total Body Stretch
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
60 Minutes

It doesn’t get much better than a full hour of yin yoga. This sequence provides a healing touch for the whole body including spine, hips, shoulders, and legs.

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Katie Tucker
Sweet!! Mellow, slow, stretchy goodness. Thank you!
Nazanin Khan
My mind was unusually busy this morning. My energy felt very scattered. I couldn’t sit in meditation, so I thought I would try this practice. Just as you said halfway through, I could notice such a shift. I loved the new take on half butterfly. Loved everything about this practice. So balancing for body and mind.
simon Jones
Very Good, Thank you Travis, stay blessed
Gregoor Dewancker
Very good for a complete relaxation
Nicci Gafen
So good. I could do this one every day.
Nadezhda Kononykhina
Thank you so much for this amazing deep experience with myself
Iris Sovierzoski
Beautiful cueing and stories as always. Love your teaching style Travis!
Just what the doctor called for after a weekend of golfing. Thank you Travis!
Renee Minor
The perfect blend of stretches for a rainy Sunday...ty Travis.
David Kanno
Loved this
Perfect....just perfect. Thank you Travis. Thank you for you.... Stephie
Vanella zopp
Fantastic session !
Diane Davies
One hour of deep bliss! Thank you Travis.